PADEV Award 2022: Savlan, Best African Innovation in the Telecom Sector

Simple, fast and effective. Defined here in three words, the application is the application that allows you to purchase telecom credits and internet packages from the different mobile networks present in Burkina Faso. To prove herself, Saflan has enabled her designer to get many privileges. This is how BONKOUNGOU Tinga Jean, CEO of 3MI, won … Read more

Inauguration of a multifunctional center in Casablanca for women in difficult situations

On Friday in Casablanca, a multifunctional center “Darna Lemkansa” opened for women in difficult conditions. This center is located in the southern region of Lemkansa in the region of Bouskoura (Nouasser wilaya). This center was opened by Mr. Abdallah Chater, Wali of Nouaceur. Il s’incrit dans le cadre des actions du comité provincial de développement … Read more

The second advertising and publishing exhibition is scheduled to take place in October 2022

In October 2022, the second edition of the Advertising and Publishing Exhibition (SAPE) will be held in Ouagadougou, and Guinea will be the guest country. What’s next for this ad? “The Impact of Digital on Advertising and Publishing Professions”, and under this topic the second edition of the Advertising and Publishing Exhibition (SAPE) will be … Read more

A commercial barbecue party to encourage self-employment in Burkina Faso

Eager to provide a framework for the exchange between businessmen and women, to facilitate communication between project leaders and donors, the Organizing Committee of Business BBQ was facing the media, this Saturday, 25 June 2022 in Ouagadougou, to announce the colors of these 3e Editing. What’s next for this ad? ” BBQ d’affaires is a … Read more

The official launch of the national platform “Academia Digitally”

With the aim of enhancing learning through innovative technological tools, the platform is presented to the general public, departments and companies (VSE, SMEs and Startups) Online offer of diverse, interdisciplinary training in the digital field, allowing them to immerse themselves in new skills capable of ensuring better digital inclusion, particularly in new professions based on … Read more

A digital marketing company takes money from Pôle Emploi and leaves its students in limbo

Engaging in paid training with the goal of employment, that is Marktperf’s promise. The problem, as is so often the case in marketing, is that the sales promise is far from reality. 28 Reunion Islanders paid for “bad management” One of the business leaders who left their responsibilities in a time of difficulty. In both … Read more