TikTok partners with ThinkWiFi to provide free Wi-Fi hotspots across South Africa

(Ecofin Agency) – According to DataReportal, 31.8% of South Africans were not online at the beginning of 2022. TikTok wants to provide them with access to support and speed up the use of its platform in the country. Short video social networking platform TikTok announced Thursday, September 8 that it is piloting in partnership with … Read more

Da Nang tourism recovers and regains strength | tourism

Dà Nang (VNA) – For the city of Dà Nang, 2022 is the year of safe adaptation, resilience, effective control of the Covid-19 epidemic, recovery and socio-economic development. Since the beginning of the year, several measures have been launched to stimulate tourism. Rong (Dragon) Bridge, a symbolic symbol of Da Nang. Photo: VNA Since the … Read more

Localities accelerate the digital transformation of tourism | tourism

HANOI (VNA) – Localities across the country are accelerating digital transformation to make breakthroughs in the tourism sector. Businesses in Ninh Binh Province (North) provide tourism information through websites, the Provincial Tourism Ministry portal, the Regional Information Center for Tourism Promotion and social media platforms such as Facebook, Tiktok, Youtube and Zalo. Regions looking for … Read more

Côc Côc Vietnamese Google | Sciences

Côc Côc offers many features that are convenient for the Vietnamese people. Photo: baodautu.vn Hanoi (VNA) – Côc Côc is a Vietnamese startup best known for its eponymous web browser and search engine, which competes with Google in the national territory. Since its inception, I have stuck to my motto of “Make the Vietnamese people … Read more

How Novaon Solutions Can Support Digital Transformation | Sciences

Hanoi (VNA) – Keen to contribute to the digital transformation of companies, in recent years Novaon Tech, part of the Novaon Group, has stepped forward to develop and improve a large number of digital solutions. Its products are used by thousands of Vietnamese and foreign companies. Hoàng Thi Thao, COO of Novaon Tech (top row, … Read more

Medical startups whet the appetite | Economie

HANOI (VNA) – If in 2021 medical startups like Doctor Anywhere, Medici, Med247, AiHealth are struggling to attract capital… then major transactions surged in the first half of 2022. Doctor Anywhere agent assists customers in using the online testing service. Photo: Baodautu Thus, EastBridge Partners, a large South Korean group with a capital of $1 … Read more

Inflation and competition slow down Google

Google saw its net profit decline and its growth slow in the second quarter, but the market expected the worst as advertising budgets tightened due to the economic crisis. Net income for Alphabet, Google’s parent company, fell 13% year-over-year to $16 billion in the quarter, according to a statement Tuesday. From April to June, the … Read more

Pakjiang District Accelerates Digital Transformation | association

Bac Jiang (VNA) – Bac Jiang Province (North) plans to focus on accelerating digital transformation, building e-government, digital economy and digital society, according to the Provincial People’s Committee. At Bac Giang Public Administration Service Center. Photo: bacgiang.gov.vn This decision aims to benefit both individuals and businesses, improve the efficiency of local government and stimulate social … Read more

What is ‘web3’, the new internet age?

A modern concept that stimulates both the technological and communication sphere, “Web 3” is being presented by its proponents as the new version of the Internet, more decentralized and based on “blockchain,” the technology behind NFTs and cryptocurrencies. “It seems more of a marketing statement than a fact at the moment,” however, Tesla’s president, Elon … Read more

Ten African Internet Registry Operators to Benefit from Capacity Building Initiative

(Agence Ecofin) – The company that allocates domain names and numbers on the Internet wants to help improve the quality of the Internet in Africa, where traffic is increasing. The organization that announced its server infrastructure in Africa in February has other plans for the continent. On Tuesday, June 7, the Internet Corporation for Assigned … Read more