Inflation and competition slow down Google

Google saw its net profit decline and its growth slow in the second quarter, but the market expected the worst as advertising budgets tightened due to the economic crisis. Net income for Alphabet, Google’s parent company, fell 13% year-over-year to $16 billion in the quarter, according to a statement Tuesday. From April to June, the … Read more

Who Benefits From Physicalizing Receipts?

From 2023, merchants will be prevented from issuing a receipt to their customers unless explicitly requested, in order to preserve the planet, at the risk of replacing them with their digital version, which consumes more personal data. This measure of the “anti-waste” law, which was voted on in 2020 in France, opens the door wide … Read more

What is ‘web3’, the new internet age?

A modern concept that stimulates both the technological and communication sphere, “Web 3” is being presented by its proponents as the new version of the Internet, more decentralized and based on “blockchain,” the technology behind NFTs and cryptocurrencies. “It seems more of a marketing statement than a fact at the moment,” however, Tesla’s president, Elon … Read more

Digital companies are still fighting for gender equality

One hundred and eighteen million dollars (about 113 million euros). That’s the amount Google preferred to pay on Monday, June 13 to a group of 15,000 former employees accusing it of discriminating against women in terms of pay and promotion, rather than going to court. In France, too, many associations – present at the VivaTech … Read more

The multi-channel platform focused on digital strategies

Today, the evolution of online sales and the proliferation of communication channels are forcing companies to rethink their digital strategies. In this sense, Sinfin offers a multi-channel solution so that businesses can offer their customers the best experience. From consulting to developing an innovative digital platform Since 2008, Sinfin has supported brands and distributors in … Read more