Digital asset exchange offers three little-known alternative currencies for trading

The Singapore-based exchange giant offers support for three low-cap altcoins. recently announced the list of original tokens for the Akash Network (AKT), an open source decentralized cloud that supports decentralized finance, decentralized applications, and decentralized autonomous organizations. The cloud also supports decentralized machine learning and artificial intelligence. AKT is trading at $0.88 at … Read more

How to improve customer experience through marketing automation

The advantage of marketing automation is the ability to adapt its communications and actions to each of its customers. With the right tools, you can simply improve each customer’s journey, while automating most of the process for launching successful campaigns. Save time sending high-impact personalized messages and working on your customer relationship, while increasing your … Read more

COD: Modern Warfare 2

As of last week, we finally officially knew what Call of duty It will be this year. Because Activision and Infiniti import own it Logo Reveal Thus confirms it modern war 2 it will be. Now they dropped out Leaked with information about Correct detection of the game And I want to know that it … Read more

16 Best Online Business Options

Online business In 2022, the Internet will continue to be an inexhaustible source of opportunities for entrepreneurs. According to the latest forecasts, the online business market will continue to grow at a rapid pace. If you haven’t made the leap into the internet yet, it’s time to start thinking about starting your own business. In … Read more

▷ Build your autoresponder with Amazon SES and send emails x100 cheaper!

In this article we will see together and step by step how to create your own email software or autoresponder and send 10,000 emails for less than €1… Despite its “death” announced years ago, email remains and will remain an essential marketing channel for the development of your business. Whether it’s targeting new customers through … Read more

Is it a good idea?

Emojis are a great and fun way to express yourself. These colorful icons are everywhere, and many companies have incorporated them into their email campaigns. It is a common practice, especially among e-commerce companies, to add emojis to the subject line of their emails. This allows them to stand out from their competitors and attract … Read more

Crypto billionaire Brock Pierce says Bitcoin (BTC) will drop to zero or explode to $1,000,000

Crypto billionaire Brock Pierce says Bitcoin (BTC) will fail spectacularly or be a huge success. In an interview with Fox Business, Pierce, president of the Bitcoin Foundation, said investors should refrain from betting everything on the leading crypto asset. “[Bitcoin] It can go to zero. It is a binary result. It will either go to … Read more