Understand everything about iOS 15 and how it will transform email marketing

In the digital age, companies are using email marketing to collectively communicate with their audience. It allows you to promote a product or service with just a few clicks and effectively address your target audience. However, Apple’s latest operational update could put this medium of communication in harm’s way. iOS 15 was released on September … Read more

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Are you a digital professional and interested in email marketing? Here are the nine email trends to follow in 2022 to improve your chances of a successful year and achieve your results! While digital marketing changes dramatically every year, email marketing remains one of the most effective channels for online marketers, and for good reason. … Read more

▷ 13 Email Marketing Trends in 2022

Should you continue to focus your email marketing efforts to grow your business? Of course ! Furthermore, there is no shortage of email marketing trends in 2022… Does your marketing strategy focus on social networks only? Fatal error! Email marketing still has its place. According to statistics, there are 42.2 million email users in France, … Read more