Data today, artificial intelligence tomorrow, email marketing is changing

Segmenting audiences and using first and second party data has become at the heart of any good email marketing campaign. In the age of real-time and hyper-audience targeting, the topic is perhaps less popular than RTB’s revolution in screen buying. But email marketing remains to this day the most profitable and effective marketing channel for … Read more

94% off Email List Check, the ultimate tool for boosting email deliverability

Sending out newsletters and email campaigns is one thing. It is still necessary for emails to reach our targets’ inboxes. This is complicated when the email addresses recorded in our CRM or Excel document are out of date or incorrect. For this reason, it is necessary to perform regular cleaning of email databases. Otherwise, deliverability … Read more

PADEV Award 2022: Savlan, Best African Innovation in the Telecom Sector

Simple, fast and effective. Defined here in three words, the application is the application that allows you to purchase telecom credits and internet packages from the different mobile networks present in Burkina Faso. To prove herself, Saflan has enabled her designer to get many privileges. This is how BONKOUNGOU Tinga Jean, CEO of 3MI, won … Read more

Give visibility to your campaigns on employee emails

Often, emails sent by employees are not considered potential advertising space. The first use of employee email is to deliver personalized messages to customers, prospects, partners, or even suppliers. Today, email is the first channel of communication for a company:100 billion business emails are sent around the world each day.???? 36 emails per day. This … Read more

Email Marketing and CRM Specialist | O2 Web

Do you have an analytical yet creative mind and love to segment, track and analyze data? For you, user experience, automated marketing is at the heart of strategic e-commerce priorities? Are you interested in developing email customization strategies for retailers, distributors or manufacturers? We are looking to fill an Email Marketing and CRM Specialist position … Read more