The first campus dedicated to digital careers opens its doors

The Digital College of Tunis, the private higher education institution dedicated exclusively to digital professions, opens its doors. Digital College opens its first campus in Tunisia after launching 14 campuses in France and abroad. Digital College Tunisia enriches the higher education sector with developmental training that meets student expectations and corporate needs. The member of … Read more

Starbucks launches Starbucks Odyssey, the Web3 Loyalty Program

Starbucks Odyssey, a new 3rd web experience based on Polygon that will allow members to earn and purchase ‘star’ NFTs giving access to benefits and immersive coffee experiences. As always, Starbuck will be one of the first companies to integrate NFTs into a large-scale loyalty program, Starbucks will create an accessible Web3 community that will … Read more

Women in technology: how important is diversity and how can the situation be changed?

Education as a major lever for this transformation It is impossible to ignore the fact that women hold only a third of digital jobs. A figure that clearly demonstrates the difficulty of this environment in breaking out of the many stereotypes and prejudices that can intimidate women wishing to work in this sector. Integrating all-male … Read more

School Corner – Corporate School Actions – September 2022

What is a “school corner” at La French Tech Bordeaux? “School Corner” brings together the opportunities of La French Tech Bordeaux’s partner schools to attract the attention of companies in the ecosystem! Target? Simplify and intensify the relationships between the world of education and training and the professional world! Employment Opportunities 2I TECH ACADEMYWork and … Read more

Transversal EDM: More than a promise, it’s a reality thanks to Inetum’s Business Document solution

In the midst of digital transformation, organizations in all sectors have largely revised their working methods in recent years. The health crisis has highlighted, in particular, the need to dismantle information silos in order to simplify exchanges and combine different business tools. Decoding trends and sharing good practices by Marie-Noëlle Vannier and Pierre Schuhl of … Read more

Petition for the ‘final’ extinction of digital advertising screens – photo

Sep 13, 2022 at 8:03 pm by AFP Several associations launched a petition calling for the “definitive extinction of digital advertising screens” and collected signatures of left-wing and environmental political figures on Tuesday. “With this petition, we advocate an emergency measure, social and environmental only: to permanently close digital advertising screens,” notes the text addressed … Read more

Starbucks is preparing NFTs built into its loyalty program

Starbucks’ Odissey initiative will offer its members in the United States the opportunity to earn or purchase unique digital items, NFTs, which will unlock access to new experiences within the loyalty program. Next Generation Loyalty Program With this approach, the company wants to facilitate access to Web3 experiences and, in so doing, deliver a next-generation … Read more

Google is giving publishers new ways to control first-party data

– Advertising – Publisher-provided signals help publishers categorize first-party data into audiences or contextual segments and then share those signals with automated buyers. How it works? Publisher-provided mentions make it easy for automated buyers to “find and buy audiences based on demographics, content interests, or buying intent across multiple sites and apps without tracking people’s … Read more

‘Crush It’ by Medris Payet – Christopher Warren Permal: ‘A Successful Gamble’

Since Thursday, Christopher Warren Permal has shared his feelings with Medeiris Payet on Facebook. But Elisa’s translator admits that these publications were fabricated. It was a commercial strategy to create a buzz before his first duet with the Reunion singer. The title, “Gate”, was released on Monday, September 12th. After six days of hype around … Read more