MailChimp brings AI to its newsletter offering

This new feature called Content Optimization will aim to help users improve the performance of their newsletter campaigns. The tool will work by making recommendations to improve its content thanks to artificial intelligence. Machine learning to improve content While it is very easy to evaluate the performance of a newsletter campaign, identifying objective reasons for … Read more

A platform for effortlessly creating landing pages and email campaigns

Email remains a powerful marketing channel today, allowing for better conversion and above all delivering the best return on investment. Despite the strong influence of social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, email campaigns remain a major lever for brands. Acumbamail is an all-in-one marketing platform dedicated to email and landing page creation. A … Read more

How do you block emails?

Either it’s about Gmail, Yahoo Mail or Hotmail, In 2022, it’s very likely that you’ll have an email inbox for a very long time – sometimes christened with the sweet name of webmail. And like all people who have a mailbox, I may have woken up one day with Spam in your mailbox. So yes … Read more

5 key tools to make the work of salespeople easier

1. Tools to facilitate commercial prospecting To easily identify new prospects, you can use prospecting programs. Most of these tools allow you to find qualified leads through your LinkedIn professional network and then contact them. Some solutions allow automating the sending of cold personal emails but also sending automated invitations on LinkedIn. Everything is done … Read more