A Career in Digital: The Skills Needed

Why get into digital marketing? In 2021, more than ever, skills in the digital world are essential to advance your professional career! Whether you are undergoing professional retraining or are already working in the world of marketing, digitization is essential to acquire and improve your skills in a connected universe in constant evolution. Digital adapts … Read more

▷ The power to say no!

I bet you hear the word “no” regularly. It’s true that when your colleague or client starts saying no, it can be brutal. But saying yes to everything won’t solve the problem. On the other hand. This will only increase your stress, not to mention make others value your time less. If you say yes … Read more

Generate contacts with the Kaspr tool

brandVoice The trading trades cover the entire sales process, from prospecting to managing the customer portfolio. These protagonists need to process information about their potential customers during these operations. I subscribe Kaspr makes accessing this data easier. This tool makes it possible to receive directly from LinkedIn all the information of your prospects who qualify … Read more

▷ Phishing and spam in times of the corona virus

Shops and restaurants closed, hotels empty, the coronavirus pandemic has practically paralyzed France in recent weeks, and many small and medium-sized businesses find themselves in a dangerously precarious situation… But necessity is the mother of invention, as we all know, and many entrepreneurs have taken their business to the Internet, where there are no viruses … Read more