7 BtoB communication levers that can really make a difference

Curious, sometimes suspicious and always full of questions about the benefits for their own business, B2B decision-makers examine new digital communication tools. Shall we go on TikTok? How can the podcast be useful for your visibility? Increasing your visibility and generating new leads thanks to these levers, sometimes attributed to B2C, can sometimes be a … Read more

Which strategies should be pursued in 2022?

Lead generation is one of the main goals of any business. This consists of identifying potential customers and building a relationship with them to convert them into customers. To achieve this, there are various methods such as buying leads or content marketing. New technologies are also encouraged to facilitate the process. Overview of the approaches … Read more

the 6 best techniques in 2022

In order to better sell your services or products, you need to implement a good sales strategy. That’s obvious! This saves you time, converts your prospects into customers and increases your sales. But what exactly are the benefits of this strategy? What are the most effective techniques to implement in 2022? And how do you … Read more

Break the logic of selling B2B innovations

Wave4growth and Visionary Marketing offer you a course in selling innovations B2BWhen creating this glossary, Visionary Marketing encountered a major problem: should we write BtoB or B2B? justified Reverse the sales logic, and it is needed. Why is complex selling so important? Because selling has changed and the challenges of complex selling are manifold. This … Read more