8 Effective Ways for Financial Professionals in Africa to Make Money Remotely

Financial professionals are responsible for, among other things, preparing account statements, negotiating lines of credit, and ensuring the financial stability of businesses. Although many of them generally earn a decent salary, their excessive and frivolous spending, retirement savings, and general living expenses leaves many financial professionals in dire financial straits. Are you one of the … Read more

▷ What is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel describes the steps an individual takes to become your customer. It consists of three parts… The first top is the marketing that attracts potential customers to your business (for example, advertising on your physical storefront or the landing page of your website). The second part in the middle includes all parts of … Read more

French expectations and perceptions

Loyalty programs, customer retention, and digital transformation are often intertwined, but this is nothing new. Digital transformation in particular has taken a new turn over the past two years. Companies in the mass retail and distribution sector had to accelerate their transformation much faster than expected. A necessity to provide a better customer experience… In … Read more

▷ That’s it! Facebook Reels is available worldwide

Meta doesn’t just think about meta development. Faced with the heyday of Chinese social network TikTok, the Mark Zuckerberg-led company announced the global launch of Facebook Reels, an Instagram-inspired feature focused on short video content in a vertical format… Facebook Reels is also available in France Last September, Facebook Reels was launched publicly but only … Read more