Dealabs expects Black Friday to be just as attractive as last year’s

The Lyon platform (52 ​​employees; 2021 turnover: 6 million euros; 1.85 million registered members) publishes every day, throughout the year, about 400 “deals”, that is, advice published by the Internet user community or its own teams, in partnership with merchants ( 5% of them on average).

This Black Friday, Dealabs is thinking of blowing up the counters, with over 3,000 deals expected. And the trend looks really good, with a more than 80% increase in overnight deals recorded from Thursday to Friday last week, for the early start for many distributors of the Black Friday that has stretched dramatically over the past two years in France.

A number that must be repeated and even doubled on Friday. With Dealabs Key, about 20% of their annual turnover was generated during this event. Thus, the number of unique visitors for the month of November is expected to reach 7 million by small and medium-sized companies founded in 2011 by Hugues and Médéric de Buyer-Mimeure and acquired in 2015 by the international Pepper group.

Thus, the numbers are the same as in previous years, at the same pace and in the same proportions … Although now more and more brands are showing their categorical refusal to participate in this massive discounting operation, such as the “Make Friday Green Again” collective.

A collection of more than 1,300 brands (including Auvergnat Picture Organic Clothing or Stéphanois Cadeau Maestro, for example). Or the Green Friday event organized against the grain by organizations like Envie or Altermundi, to denounce the incitement to excessive consumption and waste of resources. And even as the purchasing power crisis, triggered by high inflation in recent months, appears to be in full swing.

the most demanding consumers

Dealabs, which are mainly paid through the system of affiliates, assume that the huge amount of good deals generated by Black Friday (mainly in the high-tech, fashion and gaming sectors), highlighting the preservation of the purchasing power of Internet users.

“In the context of general price increases, consumers should be more attentive to their purchases. Such promotions allow them to guarantee renewal of their devices and even access to more high-end products. If we are talking about high-tech devices or home appliances, these are usually the most expensive products They are also, in general, more durable over time and less energy intensive most of the time.”Comment by Mathieu Platerett, Managing Editor of Dealabs.

“And then, let’s not forget that Black Friday allows consumers to do their Christmas shopping. More and more of them plan their purchases for the event, and give up the impulse purchases for a bit.” However, he is aware that Black Friday also allows it “To have fun at a lower cost, including some small purchases that could have waited a bit.”

The consumer expert noted changes in the buying habits and demands of community members since the beginning of the crisis:

“Deals are as numerous as before, discounts are less impressive. But with tighter budgets, consumers are becoming more demanding about the discounts offered by merchants. They are just beginning to accept that discounts will be lower than before, and that prices will be higher, because distributors and manufacturers They have less wiggle room due to increases in raw materials or transportation.”.

The purchasing power crisis also seems to reinforce good plans associated with groceries, in particular those of supermarkets that hold the big prize on a loyalty card.

According to a PwC study published on November 21, 70% of French people intend to make purchases during Black Friday 2022 and Cyber ​​Monday (compared to 71% in 2021), with an average budget of €256 (8% more than last year). ).

Within the top three distinct categories: ready-to-wear (40%), electronics (33%) and toys (25%). At the same time, 87% of the French say that sustainable development has an impact on their purchasing behaviour: 33% of the French questioned confirm that they will only buy the products they need by choosing 26% of them, more precisely the products.

Evolution towards more responsible products

In the dynamic of society’s environmental transformation, Dealabs intends to play its part in the necessary transformation of purchasing habits. Lion platform is working on a new concept that will focus more, in the coming months, on most of the “good deals”. responsible It also committed itself, several months ago, to reformulating its editorial strategy. On the one hand, to balance the Google writedown resulting from the launch of Google Discovery, and on the other, to better support its community in its purchases.