▷ Email Marketing…These 10 Things Internet Users Hate!

Who has never complained upon discovering their inbox filled with a rush of spam and dirty emails and added that it had absolutely nothing to do with you! No web marketer wants to be guilty of such behavior. Here is a compilation of the 10 things that piss off your subscribers the most to prevent you from annoying them even more!

# Receive emails that were never subscribed to!

The first commandment of email marketing isSend emails only to people who have agreed to receive them. If anti-SPAM laws fail to dissuade you from sending emails to Internet users who have not expressly authorized you to do so, remember that this will guarantee you Delivery issues. In fact, if Internet users really don’t want to receive your emails, your campaign will suffer from a very high unsubscribe rate, which will greatly affect the deliverability of your email marketing campaigns in the future.

And if none of that resonates with you, think about your company’s reputation, you know how it feels when you get unsolicited email. Don’t be that marketer!

# Write a very vague topic

You must announce the color of your email in the subject line. There is nothing more annoying than something very vague or even worse, a lying object. Internet users want to know the content of your email from the beginning to see if it deserves their attention. I invite you to read this article if you do not know How to write an effective and relevant object.

# Unrecognizable

The other thing that might annoy your subscribers is You do not recognize the sender of the email. Make sure your identity is completely clear to your readers. Simply using an email address is the worst mistake you can make. So don’t use “[email protected]” but prefer Company X if you want to please your internet users.

# Talking far too cheerfully

Hello Alban! I hope everything is fine for you! »

This is the typical relic of the days when dynamic content was new! Today, your subscribers are no longer fooled and annoyed by so familiar messages! Calling your subscriber by their first name and asking how they did it doesn’t really personalize your email. Spend more time segmenting your lists to deliver targeted content than trying to woo your subscribers with intrusive and clumsy tactics.

# Bombard your subscribers with emails…

One of the surest ways to scare your internet users is to bombard them with emails. Determining how often you send your emails takes a lot of experience, but you don’t have to do hundreds of tests either to realize that sending the same email twice to the same recipient isn’t likely to make them want to open your emails.

#…or email every 36th of the month!

Don’t send your emails infrequently either! By doing this, you will surely lose their interest. You must constantly try to interest your readers. There is nothing worse than communicating infrequently.

# Send emails that are not optimized for mobile

According to a study by Equilux, 48% of emails are opened on mobile devices, yet only 11% of emails are for mobile. Having to constantly zoom or swipe from right to left in an email to be able to read it all is certainly not going to keep your readers happy. So it becomes essential to know your mobile audience rate. If the latter is greater than 10%It’s time to make the right decisions. Using responsive design becomes a necessity.

# Sending very complex emails

We all love receiving beautiful emails, don’t get me wrong! But when your email contains too many images, it may experience slow loading time, and if your images don’t show up, is your message as strong as the ones in your design email? Create a simple page that is easy to understand and read quickly!

# Make it impossible to unsubscribe from your emails

No matter how good your email marketing is, some subscribers will want to opt out. Whatever their reasons, There is nothing more annoying than looking for and not finding an unsubscribe link in an emailr (and again, not having an opt-out option is illegal).

# Don’t respect “non-subscribers”

It seems obvious, if someone unsubscribes, you have to remove them from your mailing list. What’s the point of sending an email announcing that “it may take up to 2 weeks to remove them from your list”… 2 weeks, what breaks this! You are legally required to remove people from your list within 10 days.

Email marketing continues to be the preferred method of communication for brands and consumers. In fact 77% of Internet users prefer to receive marketing messages Through this channel and not through other means. However, email marketing annoys internet users terribly. In fact, 51% of internet users believe that offers do not meet their expectations and 54% believe that they receive too many offers. If you take into account these ten points that annoy your subscribers to the highest point, you will instantly improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and your efforts to develop relevant content will be noticed by netizens. Your turn now!

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