Real Estate: What are the exploration trends for 2023?

In 2022, the majority of real estate professionals agree that sales mandates don’t come in abundance. In addition, we have been able to note the tightening of legislation that reduces the scope of physical but also telephone exploration. However, returning to the position is a nerve war for professionals and this constant decline worries more and more clients.

What hits and trends in real estate prospecting in 2023 will allow you to be recognized in your sector? Want to know which prospecting strategies will work in 2023?

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excavation methods physical

field excavation

The field excavation Today it is much more complicated than it was a few years ago. It is no longer about “limp” releases And wait for a sales representative to call us. Field excavation requires real strategy in your catchment area and requires effort.

There is an old saying that a good real estate agent knows what is going on behind a potential client’s door. And for this you need to have a sector large enough to have enough prospects but not too many to be able to pass there at least 4 times a year. Take a map, leave your home or agency and mark a rally area About 12,000 inhabitants for about 3,500 PO boxes.

You need to make sure that you have this ratio all to yourself. If you have colleagues in your sector, you should increase the proportions or change neighborhoods. Once you have determined these proportions, you need to interview potential clients.

field excavation, is to talk about your activity to as many people as possible, Meeting people and building relationships. For example, you can set yourself the goal of distributing 50 business cards and 200 flyers per day.

As for the law that emphasizes in relation to stop-bop, Why not take all the contact details from the mailboxes and send personalized messages to your prospects? The returns will only be better.

Above all, if you don’t have immediate feedback, Do not give in to the panic of distracting yourselves In sectors unrelated to your catchment area. Because you will exhaust yourself on the ground and during this time, things happen in your sector.

Create events and relational

Much of the physical excavation takes place on the street…but not only.

create events or participate in some of them, bring together your prospects as well as local professionals, A great way to get people talking about your business.

As such, you can organize open days talking about local real estate to inform the residents of your area, You can organize after work Bringing together local partners to make the recommendation a success, etc.

You can also join local associations, Take a position in the markets or supermarkets etc. There is no shortage of ideas to get you both together and real estate is an activity that relies on people and relationships.

Whenever you communicate with potential clients, And the closer they get to you. Real estate is above all a local activity and you should be well known.

Teleprospecting: Freelancing

In this context of the continued decline in sales mandates, Freelancing over the phone is inevitable. In fact, there is no more effective means of prospecting in the short term, given that you are addressing people who are selling right now T.

a A good freelance job in real estate is ready It also requires good strategy and follow-up.

Don’t be hostile if the salespeople refuse to see you the first time. Set up a follow up, and you’ll see that you’ll have as many follow up appointments as the first call.

The secret of freelancing to make an appointment is to make the salesperson understand He is not obligated to see you in any way And I just want to get to know them to see if you can help them with their problems. You have to create a climate of trust before you get to the heart of the matter.

By positioning yourself as an ally and not as a commercial, you will break down barriers.

care or care democratization in the profession And it is one of the very interesting methods at the local level.

You assist associations in your sector, positioning yourself as a key player in your association area.

You are going for a walk The phenomenon of reciprocity in the human brain Which consists of giving when receiving.

In addition to, Some networks like Expertimo Join their advisors to help them with some care projects when their advisors can help.

A way to benefit, at the local level, from the marketing plan drawn up by the head office.

Do not hesitate to suggest your marketing actions to the head office to benefit from them more effectively in your city!

Care allows you Reach as many people as possible in your area And it gives you a positive image with your potential clients.

Presentation on local media

Pay for websites On the roadside and in the local newspaper It’s also a great way to introduce yourself to potential clients.

Your goal will be based on your presence and you will be able to convey the brand image that you want to convey.

Write an essay about your values, Your local real estate perception and publish it in the newspaper.

If what you say is interesting, you will interest the sellers. Again, get help from your network marketing teams.

Focus on digital prospecting

We can’t talk about exploration in 2023 without looking digital. Here, in my opinion, is the most effective lever for collecting leads using digital media.


This social network, without a doubt Most effective among all social networks to return from office. why ?

First of all, it is by far the network that most people with more are in 40 million users in France All months!

In addition, they are the best in the field of artificial intelligence and you will be able to surgically target potential customers in your area.

Finally, Facebook allows you to social prospecting, Without being aggressive by combining content marketing, making you look like an expert in your area.

You will be able to dig into the form of discussion with your prospects. And if you are interested enough in them, they will open their doors for you.

Email marketing

Email marketing is an extension of Facebook. You can capture data from your prospects (with this software), and you will be able to keep sending content to your users in order to convert them into leads.

If you submit high quality content, Your prospects will ask you to know And as far as I can tell you, rescheduling sales after soliciting your content doesn’t happen the same way as independent real estate!

Digital domain mating

in 2023, Combine physical and digital exploration methods Very possible. I’ll give you an example.

You can organize a local physical event and just communicate on social networks to manage the registrations.

You can join a local protest, Organize a lottery to collect potential customers Once back, use your software to do an email.

When you are organizing or joining an event, you can live stream it and network at the same time.

Many ideas for digital link or domain, And thanks to the tools, you’ll reach everyone at the same time.

In conclusion

The ultimate goal in real estate prospecting is to be Visible, known, recognized and inevitable in your area.

Don’t be afraid to be as creative as possible to stand out from your peers. Finally, the secret is that you should be seen everywhere.

In fact, sellers rarely contact us If only they saw one act! What will spark communication is the multiplicity of actions that you will implement in your area.

Only then will you gain the trust of potential customers.

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