PADEV Award 2022: Savlan, Best African Innovation in the Telecom Sector

Simple, fast and effective. Defined here in three words, the application is the application that allows you to purchase telecom credits and internet packages from the different mobile networks present in Burkina Faso. To prove herself, Saflan has enabled her designer to get many privileges. This is how BONKOUNGOU Tinga Jean, CEO of 3MI, won the award for Best African Innovator in the Telecom Sector for the SAFLAN cause at PADEV 2022. This award ceremony took place last September in Kigali, Rwanda.

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with savlan what he does Day, night, whether you are at work or in a remote areaYou no longer need to travel or permanently resort to a point of sale to save on calling credits or internet packages. In fact, once you install it on your phone, savlan It allows you to purchase refill units of your choice, with just a few clicks. You can download it from game a storeAnd the app store And the App gallery.

To use this innovative solution, you do not need an internet connection. On your screen, just select one of the three networks that appear, and follow the instructions. savlan It also offers you the possibility of being able to recharge your loved ones or family members; And this is regardless of the mobile network that exists in Burkina Faso.

savlan It is a utility application that promotes, among other things, the use of mobile money and also facilitates the recharge of telecom credits and internet packages. It is one of the rare applications in Africa that allows from its mobile Money account to recharge or recharge a third person in Etisalat balance or Internet package, and this is independent of the telecom operator, explained Tinga Jean BONKOUNGOU, CEO of 3MI.

at the national level, savlan markedBest Innovative App in Digital AwardsIf the platform is recognized as the best digital communication application nationally and continentally, it is thanks to the multiple customers spread all over Burkina and elsewhere who have adopted it, says Mr. Bonkongo. So these distinctions are theirs, he says.

The badv that rewards the best African innovators, all those who, through their knowledge, add value to the well-being of the population, thus culminating in the work done by 3MI. In the face of this success, Tinga Jean BONKOUNGOU expresses her gratitude to God. This, because it has allowed them to outdo themselves and prove that Burkina Faso and African youth in general are capable of great things, each in their own field.

3MI is a digital marketing company. To date, it has developed many IT solutions and web platforms. Among them is the app LE3160 Android Allowing bettors to get all horse racing information.

In terms of web platforms, 3MI is designed LESMSBUS Which allows companies and individuals to build a good relationship with customers, by communicating by SMS (bundled and personalized SMS) and email.

MoreoverSaflan Company It allows packing a large number of people into internet units and packages at the same time, regardless of the mobile network. This solution is for companies that make enough raises on different numbers (monthly staff raises, etc.).

3MI’s vision is to make the app better known savlan To all of Burkina Faso at first, to then extend to the sub-region, particularly space WAEMU.

You can download the SAFLAN application through the following links:

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