Laurent-Perrier’s careful approach to social networking

Laurent-Perrier has hit the perfect equation for one of the best crowds on his Instagram feed. Textured frame on two glasses full of champagne Featured among thousands of glasses with its beautiful color of red fruits, a gently brimming bottle of Cuvée Rosé is photographed in her metallic gown. The whole is organized on a mirror tray, raspberry-coloured Christmas balls, and generous branches of an artificially snow-covered fir tree. The picture speaks for itself: we are at the end of the year, we are about to celebrate the coming year. “And what’s better than champagne to celebrate? The effervescence of bubbles, that magic of champagne…Poet Arnaud Richard. Director of Marketing and Communications at Laurent-Perrier He also directs the digital exhibition of the house created in 1812.

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A brand that really took off in the 1950s thanks to Bernard de Nonancourt. Disappeared in 2010, father of Alexandra Berry de Nonancourt and Stephanie Meneau de NonancourtHe was the first to declare that champagne is an aperitif, and not just a dessert wineTo distinguish his home from others, the owner of the vision calls out.A very fresh champagne made on a chardonnay that can be drunk without saturation because it is the lowest dosedLittle contact manager. On his way, he also engineered the first infused rosé (1968), followed by Ultra Brut, the first un-dose Champagne (1981), and Grand Siècle, a prestigious selection produced by blending. A choice against the classic coffee of its competitors. This quick look highlights the Laurent-Perrier method: studying what’s really going on so we can innovate. The same applies to social networks. Laurent-Perrier only started in 2017.”Relatively late arrivalArnaud Richard admits. Why did you wait so long?Previously, users were clearly not part of Laurent-Perrier’s primary target, either for age or socio-professional (CSP) groups.“. But “Things change like consumer habits. You have to adjust as you go so you don’t get overtaken and lose sightHowever, it is out of the question to scatter or confuse the message. So today, it wouldn’t matter for Laurent-Perrier to put herself on TikTok or Snapchat.Do I want to address an audience of 13-20 years old to sell coffee at €85 or €185? The answer is clear no“Arnaud Richard slide. A line of behavior in line with the objectives set in the upstream: who do we want to talk to, what do we want to say, and with what wine? And so on, as of 2018-2019,”Cuvée Rosé and Grand Siècle are featured in the merged accounts to better target our communitiesPreferably Instagram and LinkedIn. No turn on evercopy pastefrom one platform to another. Professional content on LinkedIn is funnier on Instagram (@champagnelaurentperrier) where “Entertainment works very well‘Hand-picked by the best’ partner hotels (hand-picked by the best) act as a showcase for Cuvée Rosé worldwide. The most focused campaigns focus on exceptional artisans – like shoemaker @maison_corthay or eyeglassmaker @ateliersbaudin – reflect the Maison’s expertise in blending Grand Siècle cuvée. And always two inalienable principles: the publications of the same series available in multiples of three to be consistent with the platform grid and the commitment of the bottle clearly visible.At the risk otherwise, of seeing the number of views divided by 10. When the bottle isn’t there, it doesn’t work. Show clearly who is speaking“, insists Arnaud Richard. Apart from the people directly related to the house, the owner of the cellar, the owners, etc. little or no human presence on the leaflets.

In theory, there is no optical fan consumption. There is no online store either. For e-commerce, Laurent-Perrier is powered by “SubsidiaryIt refers to partner brands, wine merchants, etc. In terms of return on investment, unlike traditional ads based on the principle of iteration for long-term impact, communication channels offer very accurate and fast analytics. “But bewareArnaud Richard warns, The platforms are built on an ephemeral foundation and we still believe in sustainabilityThat’s the way it is, isn’t it, with great champagne.

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