Follow Agency trains its teams in good influencing practices alongside ARPP

Marketing effect. Moderate, structure, and avoid skidding or false notes. This is how we can sum up the influence sector today. And it is not the deputy environmentalist Aurélien Traché who will say the opposite, as it is he who has just presented a bill to regulate the work of content creators. On the other hand, the player who has been in the advertising world for many years strives to better regulate practices on social networks, which is the professional regulatory body for advertising. ARPP also offers Responsible Influence Certification that allows influencers, but also brands to ensure that everyone is aware of the law.

For people who work in agencies, what are the possibilities of training them in these good influencing practices? To enable their management and sales talent teams to develop their skills in their field of activity, Follow Agency gave them two hours of training with ARPP. Appointment took place on November 22nd at 11 am at Choucou Hotel for about thirty of them, where they were welcomed by Mohamed Mansouri, Deputy Director, and Juliet Joseph, Ethics Manager to provide them with all the information they needed.

Greenwashing, alcohol, kids… tip from ARPP

The two-hour training began with a brief update on partnerships between advertisers and influencers. “As soon as there is a commitment, financial or not, on the part of brands and influencers, a collaboration should be mentioned,” the two specialists said on several occasions. This means that creators are obligated to select commercial collaborations for their community once both parties agree on a post, even during an email exchange. It could be affiliate links, a gift, or even an invitation for a trip. “Simply requesting content to be posted should be clear to the community.”

This is followed by a more detailed presentation regarding the different aspects of the advertisement. It is then a matter of greenwashing, CBD, alcohol, children on social networks or even beauty products. The ARPP talk on all of these topics is dedicated to a very specific goal: to encourage teams to ask themselves questions about the brands they collaborate with, to develop a critical mind once a term or brand specificity has been put forward, to see if a connection can be highlighted on it. . Follow-up teams were able to get direct advice from ARPP to change their operations.

The working methods that will evolve in Follow

Thirty or so people in the room took part in the game, and all parts of the show were peppered with questions, taking examples from concrete cases of campaigns made previously. It was sometimes possible to find solutions to better communicate with the agency’s talent pool. “I learned a lot of things. I think it was very important that everyone was present at the meeting, both creatively, legally, commercially and talent management. Discussing these topics gives a more human aspect and makes it possible to understand them better thanks to the exchanges we were able to have with ARPP Lisa Palkosian, Head of Talent Management at Follow, gloats.

For her part, Anja Gorst, Talent Manager at Follow, welcomes these exchanges. “If we ourselves are not aware of the commitments and all the information related to the world of advertising, it is complicated to ensure that influencers are clear in this aspect,” we are confident. Indeed, this two-hour training prompts teams to think of different processes to better meet all the rules. “It may be interesting to identify indicators related to regulations in the cooperation agenda,” continues Anja Gorst. Sure, the follow-up is only at the beginning of its reflections, but it has shown itself to be very hardworking against ARPP teams. In addition to this training, all of the agency’s talents have passed and received their Impact Certification.

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