▷ Is it time to start redesigning your website? 6 questions to ask yourself

At some point, your site will need to be updated, only to be rebuilt when it loses the oomph it created when it was created. But to successfully redesign your website, you must ask yourself the right questions before you begin…

1- When should you redesign your website?

Some applications or programs need to be rebuilt or updated periodically, otherwise they will become outdated and inoperable. This is not the case for your website. The ideal moment is not predetermined. On the other hand, you should go ahead with the redesign when you realize that its design is no longer trendy and no longer attracts new visitors. As for the shop window, you should change the decoration and arrangement regularly so that customers don’t get tired of it.

2- Can redesigning your site improve its performance?

Redesigning your website doesn’t justify the need to improve its design. They may be motivated by the need to improve their performance. Today, a website that does not load quickly will lose its visitors, because they need to get their search results quickly. A website that loads very slowly negatively affects user experience and bounce rate. An Internet user who goes there will not go beyond the home page. Would prefer to consult another, more convenient and faster site.

3- Can’t read your website on a smartphone?

Mobility is one of the characteristics of today’s Internet users. It’s hard for a website that can’t be viewed on a smartphone to last long! So if it is not mobile friendly, consider redesigning it. Moreover, it will be penalized by the search engine algorithms if you do not allow internet users to have a positive browsing experience on their mobile screen, because your site will be de-indexed. You will no longer appear in the first results of the ranking. So making it mobile friendly should be one of your priorities, knowing that online purchases are constantly increasing, primarily those made via mobile phone.

4- Can a redesign increase your site’s conversion rate?

If you decide to create a website, it is because you have your reasons, such as promoting your brand, conveying information, or selling your services or products. However, if visitors don’t have a pleasant user experience, have trouble getting there, or can’t find what they need, they’ll leave without further ado. On the other hand, if you make access easier, if you add many useful features to them, content that responds to their problems, you will increase newsletter subscriptions, average basket, but above all conversion rate. To do this, consider redesigning your site if you are left with an old and poorly performing site.

5- Can your customers make their purchases on your website?

If your business is limited to a physical sign, you will not have the same flow as if you had a website accessible at all times to allow your customers to place orders or to answer any questions they may have. Having an e-commerce site is essential today, and converting your site into an online store is not a must. Redesign in this case is inevitable since you have to introduce new functionality including call-to-action, shopping cart, online payment system…

6- Is your SEO optimized?

Keep in mind that search engines rely on hundreds of criteria to evaluate or downgrade a website’s quality. However, some of them must be considered first. Thus, natural referencing must be done carefully, as it is one of the free techniques that you have in order to be able to appear on the first pages of the results of these search engines. If your SEO strategy isn’t doing well (choosing backlinks, optimizing images, choosing short or long-form keywords, etc.), you should redesign it so you don’t get drowned out among the many competing sites.

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These questions are not exhaustive, far from being far off. But they are among the ones you need to ask yourself if you find that your website is not getting as many visitors as it was in previous years or is no longer among the top results on search pages. For best results, feel free to entrust your remodeling to professionals if you do not have a dedicated team in-house..

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