What is it actually worth?

Today, it is impossible for any company that wants to impose itself in the market to ignore an active presence on the Internet. But for it to be effective, it is important to combine it with your content creation, inbound marketing, or inbound marketing strategy. Its goal is to attract customers through content with high added value and in line with their new consumption habits. Moreover, in theory, it is the most effective strategy for converting leads into leads. But what about practice?

Inbound marketing to drive business results

The reputation of inbound marketing is well established. This concept has allowed nearly 93% of businesses to generate more traffic on their websites in a very short time. for Almost 45% of them, the conversion rate has increased significantly. Inbound marketing also allowed companies to do so We see their sales increase by almost 50%.

Moreover, this method has lower costs. Achieving these results requires a long process and overcoming many obstacles.

It must be remembered that at present, consumers are constantly in a hurry. They want immediate answers and can change their minds just as quickly. Their purchases are often the result of extensive research and reading other consumer reviews. If the product or service obtained does not correspond to the ideas they formed, the brand or company in question can tarnish its reputation overnight and may simply disappear from the scene.

In addition to taking into account the consumer habits of customers, it is necessary to consider the reasons why internal marketing does not bring the expected results. This practice is not always idyllic. This is why risk assessment makes it possible to improve the performance of the adopted strategy while reducing costs and time wasted in starting over.

Why can inbound marketing fail in practice?

Inbound marketing is not a panacea. To ensure success, marketers must establish a genuine relationship of trust with their target customers.

Not creating a community around the brand

Embracing this concept requires creating a community ready to support the brand, share posts, and communicate about its products or services. This community is essential to conveying a positive brand image. It should be created from the beginning of the marketing campaign.

It did not specify its upstream targets

If the company does not define in advance the goals it wants to achieve, it risks not providing sufficient financial and human resources. It is necessary to set these goals, keeping in mind that they will be achieved within the given time frame. This will allow all stakeholders within the company to work together. Having goals is also a great way to measure the performance achieved during the process.

You don’t take the time to properly target your audience

Whatever technology is used, defining your audience is a real challenge. In fact, it is the only way for a company to generate prospects knowing that they are the ones who will become leads, and then customers. It is necessary to get as close as possible to the latter in order to understand the reasons for which they choose this or that company, such as a product or service.

To get answers to these questions, getting information about customers, being interested in their interests or even conducting a survey are all ways to implement in order to adjust the content accordingly. Doubling down on media and communication channels while emphasizing quality remains the best solution to attract qualified prospects. This move can be considered an energy-intensive activity, with no financial profit from the companies.

However, this should not be overlooked, because in order to sell well, you need to know who your product or service is for. This information allows the company to add value to its content and attract potential customers in order to convert. The alignment of sales and marketing takes on its full meaning here. The synchronization between the commercial pole and the marketing pole is one of the pillars of internal marketing.

Classic advertising on social networks

If a company chooses to communicate via social networks, it should take into account the fact that advertisements or traditional methods of exploration that users consider to be too intrusive and too intrusive.

The goal of inbound marketing is to attract potential customers to the business. Use of social networks It is a way to attract the customer to the conversion barrel and build relationships with him. This is it The best means of communication Which allows marketers to create a marketing strategy in which potential customers feel a sense of belonging to a brand or brand. They are more likely to become customers who decide to buy and share their feelings or opinions.

This is where you have to be really careful, netizens can damage a company’s reputation with a few comments if the products do not match the advertisements made from them. The repercussions for the company’s sales would be catastrophic. This situation can be avoided if you interact with the client, by also showing him that she is listening and is able to rectify the situation.

Combine inbound marketing with a data-driven approach

Companies that want to stand out from their competitors have to put all assets on their side. If the use of inbound marketing is preferred, it will pay off only if it is coupled with another approach based on data analysis.

Data driven enhances the efficiency of its predecessor Improve audience targeting With the possibility of explaining her future actions. By collecting all the data on it, it’s easier to find the formula that drives it to work.

In addition, Data Driven makes it possible to choose the most effective visibility, the one that makes potential customers interact. It shouldn’t be overdone, but it should sound sincere and inspire a positive reaction. The aforementioned customers must feel the deep need for the product, whatever it is, to the point of not resisting the desire to purchase it, which provides an advantage for the company in achieving sales and obtaining a more than positive return on investment.

But to maintain performance, you must constantly update yourself and submit your insight and CTA to A/B testers, which is an essential marketing tool for increasing traffic and conversion rate on a company website. By comparing two versions of the same page or the same product, it is easier to choose the one that wins the most votes among consumers.

In fact, inbound marketing works best when combined with other marketing strategies. The goal is to generate leads and improve conversion rate, all choices must be made. Thus, launching a new product, service or brand will be more effective using outbound marketing at startup. Traditional advertising will bring immediate visibility by going to the consumer, through email, public displays, radio, television…

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