IMPT, the environmental cryptocurrency just raised $13 million

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Environmental investment concept It is set to become one of the most dynamic sectors of the next decade. Against this backdrop, governments, organizations and individuals are scrambling to find solutions to the climate crisis.

One proposed solution to this crisis comes from the new IMPT cryptocurrency project, which is currently in the pre-sale stage. This is intended to help combat global warming by giving businesses and individuals an easier way to do so reduce their carbon footprint.

project, based on ether protocol, will allow its users to buy, earn and own carbon credits. In just one month, he has already managed to raise $13 million in investments.

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Investment in carbon credits will be multiplied by 50.

carbon credits It is already an important market at the government and country levels. In fact, many states have strict mandates and legislation on how much carbon companies must sequester.

However, in the last summit on COP27 climate in EgyptUN Secretary-General António Guterres stressed that much more needed to be done, saying:

Our planet is still in the emergency room. We need to cut emissions dramatically now and that is the question policeman not touched. The world still needs a giant leap forward in climate ambition.”

Much blame has been directed at United States and China, the world’s largest polluters. Both countries must do more to reduce their use of fossil fuels.

while the The mandatory carbon credit market Estimated at $300 billion a year, the volunteer market is only $2 billion. However, Bloomberg estimates that over the next decade it will grow 50 times to $100 billion a year.

John KerryThe US envoy to the climate summit described the next decade as “crucial” in combating climate change, and the IMPT treaty offers such a solution to help mitigate its effects.

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What is IMPT?

IMPT has established itself as One of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies in 2022. It offers a concrete solution to a very real problem.

essential, IMPT It will offer users the ability to convert its native token into carbon credits. These can then be used to offset the bearer’s carbon footprint.

Carbon balances in the form of NFTs

carbon credits Securities that allow the holder to emit carbon into the atmosphere in return for financing green projects around the world. One carbon credit equals one ton of carbon dioxide.

Users buy IMPT tokens To get carbon credit NFTs. Then, they choose an environmental project to fund, which they can then burn the NFT to offset their carbon footprint.

NFT Carbon credit holders You may also choose to sell it for a profit or keep it as a long-term investment.

Holders who burn off their carbon credits are not only compensated from the NFT their carbon footprintbut they get another NFT in return, which they can also keep as an investment or sell for a profit.

In addition, IMPT will use blockchain technology To reduce fraud in the carbon credit market.

NFTs are hosted on An immutable and transparent ledgerFraudulent activities, such as creating fake carbon credits and double counting, will be reduced. Remember, double counting is a process in which two companies claim ownership of the same carbon credit,

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Earn IMPT Codes by Shopping

Apart from buying IMPT tokens to convert them into NFT carbon credits, users can also Win by doing the usual shopping.

entered IMPT in affiliate partnerships With thousands of globally recognized dealers and brands that will offer buyers IMPTs as a percentage of the sale.

samsungAnd Microsoft, LEGO, and Macy’s are among the brands that have already forged partnerships.

Consumers can then make greener choices by choosing brands that offer a higher rate of return. In addition, IMPT will hold a file Signboard To track the carbon neutrality efforts of individuals and businesses.

Pre-sales IMPT

as mentioned above, IMPT is currently in pre-sale It has so far raised $13 million in investments.

In its first phase, the organized pre-sale took place in three phases four weeks earlier than expected. in just three weeks, $11 million collected.

At that time, it was The tokens were on sale at $0.018, But now its price has increased to $0.023 for phase 2. During phase 3, its price will rise again to $0.028.

That’s a 55% increase over Phase 1 and a 22% increase over the current price, which means thatBuy IMPT Codes now.

IMPT can be proud of being KYC audited and verified by CoinSniper, while the smart contract strategy of the project has been fully scrutinized by Hacken. Thus, the project is well covered in terms of security.

The IMPT project has 3 billion tokens in total and 1.8 billion or 60% were sold during the pre-sale period. Tokens do not have a maturity period It is worth about $45 million.

During a private sale, approx 10% IMPT codes It was sold to the initial investors, while 15% will be reserved for ecosystem development, 10% for marketing and the remaining 5% for the team.

Interested investors can read IMPT white paper For more details and join our Telegram group to get the latest news.

How to buy IMPT

IMPT is now in The second stage of its pre-salewith the tokens offered for sale for $0.023.

Read Complete guide About how to buy IMPT tokens.

Investors should also note that there is an ongoing competition as there are three winners You will share $100,000 in IMPT tokens. For this, they will have to complete various tasks on social media.

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