Black Friday In the face of inflation, 91% of the French will benefit from Black Friday »An economic and political message from PACA

In the face of inflation that affects all sectors and all consumers.

Channable, a company that specializes in automating SEA flows (online shopping, etc.), wanted to know the purchasing behavior of Internet users and the impact of advertisements, promotions, SMS, emails, etc., which were too many during this Black Friday 2022 period. Which It will take place from Friday, November 25th through Cyber ​​Monday, Monday, November 28th.

It follows from this survey that:

91% of French people will enjoy Black Friday this year

81% of respondents rely on Black Friday to make up for their loss of purchasing power due to inflation

83% would take advantage of Black Friday to do their Christmas shopping

For Black Friday, 33% will spend between €150 and €300 and 28% between €300 and €600.

67% of French people will not cut budgets for Black Friday and Christmas despite inflation

35% have a larger budget than last year for Black Friday

32% would have a budget equal to last year’s

33% will have a lower budget than last year

For Christmas shopping, 30% will spend between 150 and 300 euros and 30% between 300 and 600 euros.

For Christmas shopping, 65% plan to buy fashion products

49% are high-tech products, 45% are toys. Note that 10% would like to purchase products for soft mobility (electric bike, scooter, etc.)

83% of netizens compare prices before making a purchase

42% check whether delivery methods are free or paid

In the aspect of e-marketing and advertising:

51% of the respondents admitted that their purchases were influenced by their friends,

their families and loved ones

36% through social media ads and 29% through online reviews

35% of consumers receive targeted advertising

Sometimes meets their expectations and 34% more often

52% of respondents said they receive too many targeted ads

35% find them too intrusive

Many French people will take advantage of Black Friday to do good business and deal with the high inflation they are suffering from. Many will also take advantage of this Black Friday to do their Christmas shopping.

methodology: Survey conducted by Diffusis France online for Channable between 06/11/2022 and 11/13/2022 with a sample of 1192 people representing the French population according to the quota method. (52% of women, 48% of women. Tranches d’age: 13% 18-25 ans, 34% 25-35 ans, 33% 35-50 ans, 14% 50-60 ans, 6% plus 60 years).

About Channable

Channable provides an intelligent, scalable and easy-to-use data feed management and SEA automation solution, enabling online retailers, brands and agencies to sell, market and promote their products globally. Covering hundreds of directories, search engines, e-commerce sites, and social networks, Channable boosts sales and improves e-commerce performance with actionable insights to ensure optimal performance. With more than 7,000 customers worldwide using product data feed connections, price comparisons, order sync and affiliate platforms, Channable connects retailers and online marketers to the largest markets, including Amazon, Google Shopping, Facebook and Microsoft Advertising.

Made up of more than 220 professionals and more than 30 different nationalities, Channable started in the Benelux to become a global company with offices in Berlin, London, New York, Utrecht and Logroño.

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