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Cashback: what is it?

In general, cashback is an approved modus operandi in the world of e-commerce. It has been proposed and implemented before distributors She works on the Internet. These professionals cooperate with Trademarks Well-known emerging brands or online sales platforms to set up a system Wafaa clients. Thanks to the cashback, an association is created between the brand, the seller and the customer. This is for example the case of Poulpeo cashback.

Cash Back: How does it work?

Cashback is based on a fairly simple principle of operation. The Internet user makes his purchases on the website of a partner merchant. At the time of payment, a Refund on the purchase price of the product, the amount of which corresponds to a certain percentage known in advance. This ratio is generally between 0.5 and 5%. However, before making use of these payments, the buyer is invited to create an account and join the loyalty program offered by the brand. On some platforms, it is necessary to have a paid subscription to take advantage of the cashback. In other cases, the service is completely free.

Poulpeo cashback: How do you benefit from it?

If you make purchases on the platforms of Poulpeo Partner Stores, you can benefit from a Auto recovery. start with open an account Poulpeo and inform you bank card. Note that Poulpeo does not have access to your bank account or login credentials. then you make your purchases In the brand’s partner stores, as usual. At the time of payment, a portion of the amount of your purchase is automatically charged to your Poulpeo account. platform handling Simple, free, transparent and secure. for the month of december, 3 euros It is offered with every Poulpeo account registration, in addition to the retro commission. You can also make use of the extension that automatically applies the Promotional codes launched by the brand. In addition, you can enjoy a file Care bonus Thanks to the purchases made by your referrals. You should know that many well-known brands are cooperating with Poulpeo. These include Carrefour, Printemps, Franprix and City Scout. To find the most useful cashbacks on the market, go to Poulpeo.

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