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The fourth vice-president of the Cameroon Football Federation has responded to the bloated controversy over the supposed marginalization of Anglophone influencers.

The choice of some influencers and content makers to accompany the indomitable lions of Qatar is facing great controversy.

English-speaking influencers say the union is ignoring them.

To quell this controversy that is gaining momentum on social networks and public opinion, Henri Ngala Kwan, Fourth Vice President of the Cameroonian Football Federation and Chairman of the Marketing and Information Committee of the Federation, wanted to clarify matters through outputs: Let’s read:

Understanding the selection and number of fans, web influencers and artists brought to Qatar via FECAFOOT.

It was impossible not to pay attention to the discussions on social media over the past 24 hours regarding not including Anglo/English speaking influencers among the supporters chosen by FECAFOOT to support the Lions during the FIFA World Cup. FIFA, Qatar 2022.

Following the confidence shown in me by the Southwest Football Players who elected me as Regional President of FECAFOOT for the Southwest Region (from November 1, 2021 to January 9, 2022) and then a member of the Executive Committee and one of the National Vice Presidents, where I also serve as Chairman of the Media Marketing and Promotion Committee, It is my duty to inform stakeholders of the real situation, especially in the face of disinformation.

First of all, from the perspective of organizing a successful World Cup, the Supreme Committee of Qatar Heritage Foundation decided to offer fans who are passionate about football but do not have the means to travel to live the unique experience of watching world football. Cup in Qatar by giving them an all expenses paid trip to Qatar (accommodation, air travel, local transportation). It should be noted that this does not mean looking only at games from your country. Selected fans will be required to watch almost every match in the group stage of the competition.

Initially, 25 places were assigned to Cameroon. These supporters were chosen by Fecafoot-Officiel. In order to have a true representation of the fans across the country, it was decided that the fans in the different cities that have hosted professional matches across the country (Limbe, Douala, Yaoundé, Bafoussam, Garoua, etc.) would be chosen based on their passion and love for football. Some high-profile fans who still support the Indomitable Lions unconditionally were also selected.

In the case of English-speaking regions, only Limbe and Buea hosted matches as matches were played in cities with modern infrastructure. In addition, Limbe hosted the National Interpools which I had the honor of coordinating and which was probably the best National Interpools competition ever held in Cameroon through our combined efforts. Through this competition, two supporters were selected from among 25 supporters to travel from Cameroon under the program sponsored by the Supreme Committee of Qatar Heritage Foundation. They are Ayi Jeremy Mporebo last name Choronko who is a very popular phone salesman in Limbe and a strong supporter of Victoria United FC and Nchong Kelly known as Kelly La Force who is a strong supporter of TIKO United FC known as Samba Boys. Those who attended matches at Limbe last season will not question the fact that they are without a doubt the best and most loyal supporters in this part of the country. Feel free to check back on their Facebook pages and see for yourself how long they have been supporting local football and the Indomitable Lions.

In addition to the 25 spaces for fans, an additional 25 spaces were awarded to artists and web influencers by the Supreme Committee of the Qatar Heritage Foundation, bringing the total number to 50. Here, the natural decision was to choose artists and web influencers. who have promoted the image of FECAFOOT and Cameroonian football over the years. English speaking artists and influencers including Tamula and Hoja were also selected.

It is important to note that these selections were made over 3 months ago in order to respect formalities ahead of time, making it impossible to quickly induct an artist/influencer currently as the quota of 50 we gave to sponsors has already been filled.

This brings me to the case of Mr. Vuh Dennis; Creator of the “We Go Take the Cup” slogan. For those who may not know, this slogan has been in vogue since June/July making these claims in support of Drivers Quarters FC who ended up winning the Burj Khalifa indoor competition in Pouya. This slogan has been in tune ever since and only gained traction prior to the World Cup, notably as FECAFOOT’s chief; Samuel Eto’o has repeatedly declared that Cameroon will win the World Cup. FECAFOOT has not on any occasion used the slogan “We are going to take the cup” in any informational or promotional activity. The banners spotted in Qatar bearing this logo must have been printed by various groups of supporters who have no direct affiliation or association with FECAFOOT. Anyway, we still took the cup. However, Mr. Vuh Dennis is without a doubt the hottest English speaking artist/web influencer of the moment. J’aimerais voir des influencers Web plus expérimentes lui tenir the main and lui montrer les ficelles du métier afin de tire the best part of his popular actuelle plutôt that declamer a voyage in Qatar that n’aura can beut-être aucun avantage in a long term for him. With the right strategy, he can become one of the most followed influencers on social media and become a millionaire within the next couple of months.

In conclusion, the claim that FECAFOOT excluded English-speaking Cameroonians as part of the traveling team of fans and influencers in Qatar is completely false. I know more complaints will arise, but please forgive us if we didn’t select your favorite fan/web influencer or if our previous communication about the selection process wasn’t adequate. You can’t get it right all the time, and constructive criticism is part of the process.

Although I have national responsibilities, I cannot ignore my origin and would like to see more Anglophone Cameroonians selected for similar events. I take this opportunity to encourage all English speaking web artists/influencers to post more content about FECAFOOT and football in Cameroon and also help us promote football in the Northwest and Southwest regions in particular and in Cameroon as a whole.

For now, let’s focus our energy on supporting the Lions as we prepare to face Switzerland on November 24, 2022. Remember we haven’t won a World Cup match since 2002 (20 years), so we need all the positive energy we can get. It will be hard, but you have to believe in it.

Henry Njalla Quan Jr. Fourth Vice President, Chairman of the Marketing and Media Promotion Committee FÉCAFOOT ” We have the right to dream! “.

Let’s just hope this version of Fecafoot’s fourth vice president who speaks English himself comes to appease the spirits and restore serenity and enthusiasm around the indomitable lions.

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