▷ 3 criteria for a good start in e-commerce

Today, anyone can set up an online store from scratch. Marketing Signals believes that 90% of e-commerce stores fail yet 120 days...

To get started well in e-commerce:

  • you must be aggressive;
  • you must be smart;
  • You have to try to get a step forward;
  • You have to ask yourself where are the pockets of growth and pockets of profitability.

But all this without it becoming illegal …

The question that can be asked is: what is being done elsewhere that has not been done in the market yet?

Author Tugan Para Given 3 criteria Not much is known about how to succeed in e-commerce. It also saves 5 ways Immediately applicable for a good e-commerce start-up.

A winning product like dropshipping?

Rather than finding one winning product, it’s better to make a file product mass (These products can be obtained from Aliexpress), ie A group of products that complement each other each other in a specific area.

over here 3 free steps To find the winning product group:

  1. Add to file Amazon shopping cart books or things
  2. make sure that these products have already had some success (many reviews, highlighted by the platform, etc.);
  3. Go from recommendations to recommendations to find complementary products for your initial organism (under product).

So Amazon will give you good ideas, without you having to do much research:

Amazon dropshipping product

You can reproduce this technique on aliexpressAnd the cdiscountAnd the eBay, Etsy…

Trust the market, these platforms Pioneers of e-commerce. If there ever was a winning group of products, this is where you’ll find it.

All products in the group (product group) must be useful.

Or at least satisfy a deep desire or need.

Then it will be easier to convince your visitors to take action (buy).

Crafting sales messages by addressing our deepest needs is called copywriting. To learn more about this highly profitable skill, you can refer Lessons from professional copywriter Tughan Barra.

Set up an e-commerce funnel

Thus, the presence of a collection will allow you to present a master product, to create a portfolio Sales funnel.

Differentiate yourself from the competition he is The main point.

Tougan talks about getting out of “Oh damn, one more!”.

For your product to stand out, it must meet the “unique mechanism” criterion.

It should be the main product of your collection innovative or present it as such.

Copywriting product sheet (few e-commerce merchants pay attention to this)

Do you have a presentation for Steve Jobs’ first MacBook Air?

To prove how tender it is, take it out of an envelope.

Apple-Steve Jobs-Business-Marketing

He didn’t need to add anything.

It’s good to have a file one mechanismbut I still need to show up. The best way to do this is Provide concrete evidence in your product sheet.

Get Started in Ecommerce with an Edge: 5 Ways Your Competitors Don’t

The first thing you should start well in e-commerce isIdentify what your competitors aren’t doing yet.

over here 5 ways Still a little used in e-commerce:

Method #1 – Ecommerce Sales Video: VSL (Video Sales Letter) for Sale

VSL is a video designed to sell a product. It is enough to prepare a compelling text for the sale.

Method #2 – Ecommerce Marketing Strategy: Combining physical products with digital products

You can submit an offer Physical product and digital content which completes it.

Method #3 – Add the ups and downs to your ecommerce funnel

As we saw earlier, nothing prevents you from adding sales boost to your sales funnel.

Method #4 – Offer e-commerce subscriptions

By offering a subscription, you can offer, for example, free lifetime shipping (like Amazon Prime) and other benefits. Many e-commerce merchants have monthly subscriptions to item boxes as their main product.

However, it is best to suggest this type of offer in upselling.

Method number 5 – dropship from Amazon

You can get your products directly from Amazon and dropship from their platform. Your customers don’t necessarily compare their purchases on all sites. Especially if you have a unique offer.

Thanks for the lessons Tugan ParaYou now have all the keys to start e-commerce!

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