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Squeezie, whose real name is Lucas Hauchard, born in Vitry-sur-Seine on January 27, 1996, is a content creator who is primarily on the YouTube platform. Passionate about the gaming world, he is known for his video game related content. Becoming over time #1 on YouTube France, Squeezie now has 17.6 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. Business Cool tells you all about the wealth, salary and job this web star has!

Squeezie trip

Squeezie is one of the first French content creators to post gaming videos on the YouTube platform. He was still a young teenager when he launched himself into YouTube by creating his first channel in 2008. This channel is exclusively for videos on Dofus which he particularly loves.

Two years later, he created another YouTube channel, with the intention of highlighting his passion for video games, but that channel was also abandoned. In 2011, at the age of 15, Lucas Hauchard officially launched his channel called “SQUEEZIE” which we know how successful he is currently. By regularly posting videos of him playing video games, the young teen is gradually able to unite a strong community around him. Still a high school student, in the ES sector, the YouTube channel of the young videographer has a rather bad reputation, which at the time made him the youngest Frenchman to cross the symbolic limit of one million subscribers at just 17 years old.

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Change content and collaborate with Cyprien

If, until then, Squeezie only posts content on the topic of video games, the Youtuber will quickly understand that he can build something bigger. To increase his visibility, he decided to diversify his content, thus posting humorous videos and challenges, while continuing what made him famous, his online video games. At the same time, Squeezie met another Youtuber, the French number 1 on the platform at the time, Cyprien.

Seven years older than him, Cibrian will become a “big brother” to Squeezie and will push him to outdo himself. In 2012, the two videographers would team up to create a joint channel called “Cyprien Gaming”, and later, “Bigorneaux & Coquillages”. This collaboration will pay off as the two YouTubers will get several million subscribers and several hundred million views for their videos.

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How is Squeezie’s salary determined?

Squeezie salary on YouTube

It is impossible to know the exact salary of Squeezie. However, one can easily know an estimate of his income generated from his YouTube videos. To make money on the platform, you must watch videos (as much as possible). So far, that’s pretty good for Squeezie, who averages nearly 4 million views per video. In fact, Youtubers are not paid by YouTube, but by Adsense, Google’s advertising network. This contains artificial intelligence that analyzes the content and delivers targeted ads to internet users who watch videos. The income generated by these ads is called CPM (cost per thousand views), and the latter varies according to YouTubers. However, it is generally equal to €1 per thousand views and corresponds to the amount an advertiser is willing to pay to broadcast an advertisement.

CPM varies from YouTube to YouTube. It seems difficult to pinpoint an exact amount, but the most popular YouTubers can have CPMs of $20 or more. However, it ranges from $0.4 to $1.8 on average, and depends on four factors:

  • time of year
  • Series content
  • watch time on videos;
  • audience site.

If the metric seems more complicated than it sounds, let’s limit ourselves to CPM at 1 euro per 1,000 views. This is the monthly salary he could have earned thanks to his YouTube views over the past seven months:

Month salary (estimated)
2 Oct 22 73.3 thousand euros
September 2022 33.2 thousand euros
August 2022 65.8 thousand euros
July 2022 72.4 thousand euros
June 2022 66.8 thousand euros
May 2022 44.4 thousand euros
April 2022 49.9 thousand euros

Squeezie’s average monthly salary is around €50,000 per month, solely through his YouTube earnings.

source : youtubers.me

Various activities

Since 2018, Squeezie has also been released on Twitch. This streaming platform allows streaming platforms to earn money through users who subscribe or donate to their channel. Squeezie has 4 million followers on the platform, but we don’t know which part of that audience has subscribed to the channel. However, with just 10,000 subscriptions, the operator can earn 2,500 euros per month. For his 4 million followers, we can reasonably believe that Squeezie should have at least 100,000 subscribers, which would bring him €25,000 per month, not counting donations…

But it doesn’t stop there! In addition to video production and distribution activities, the Youtuber also owns his own clothing brand called “YOKO”. To the list of his income we can also add his royalties and SACEM since Squeezie released the album “Oxyz”, as well as several hit singles.

Squeezie is a true confidant of all trades, and for good reason, he also released a “BLEAK” comic based on the popular YouTube video series on the topic. threads horror. More so than a YouTuber, Squeezie is a true entrepreneur with diverse incomes.

place of the goods

If income related to YouTube ads is an important part of a YouTuber’s salary, Squeezie has been able to diversify her activities and thus her sources of income. In regards to his main channel, Youtubeur gets paid through ads (as explained above), but also through sponsored partnerships and affiliate marketing. The same goes for her secondary channel, “SQUEEZIE GAMING”. With its community of 17 million subscribers (and 4 million for its secondary channel), YouTube France’s number one can bill advertisers pretty quickly. It is therefore not uncommon for the fees charged by Squeezie to easily exceed €10,000.

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Is Squeeze a millionaire? Squeezie fortune

Despite the secrecy about his private life and the income generated by his various activities, one thing is certain, Lucas Hauchard, alias Squeezie is a millionaire. And for good reason, in 2015 he owned 16% of the company Talent Web, which provided advertising for his channel. According to Capital, when Webedia bought this company, the French yutubeur could have received a check for 4 million euros.

He’s not ashamed of it. When asked about it during a Popcorn broadcast on Domingo’s Twitch channel, Squeezie explained: It was announced when Webedia bought our company. suddenly, I got a few million. What is so fun in life. I have to be honest, there is no point in hiding it. »

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Squeezie’s longevity

Lucas Hauchard is a successful entrepreneur who is more than just a YouTuber. If Squeezie has been on the scene for more than 10 years now, it only owes her one thing: her hard work and more innovative ideas than ever, which allow her to always surprise her community. Like the GP Explorer, the Formula 4 Grand Prix, between its creators, is organized by the latter and broadcast on its Twitch channel. Proof that the French public supports Squeezie in all his adventures, GP Explorer broke the French audience record (on Twitch), with more than a million netizens attending live.

Millionaire, leader of French YouTube, record holder for the number of viewers in a live broadcast on Twitch, Squeezie logically establishes himself as the star of the Internet in France.

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