Notion hosts AI for writing posts, creating to-do lists, and more

Notion launches Notion AI, artificial intelligence for content creation. Perfect for white slate syndrome, for example.

ConceptThe company behind the popular note-taking app of the same name has begun testing a new feature called Notion AI, which uses artificial intelligence to write notes and other content.

Notion launches Notion AI, artificial intelligence for content creation

the edge Had the chance to use the software before today’s official announcement. The interface is very simple. You must first select the type of content you want to write from the list. In options, blog post, email marketing, or to-do list. Then give the program a clear description, click the Generate button, and watch the algorithm generate text in real time.

Judging from the writings produced by the edge, the tool, like other AIs of the same type, needs a maximum number of items from the user regarding what it wants to get. For example, when the newspaper asked Notion AI to write a blog post about the state of the smartwatch industry, the content created mentioned the Apple Watch 4, Samsung Galaxy Watch, and Tizen. In other words, AI wrote about the market situation in 2018, not today.

Perfect for blank page syndrome

Notion CEO Evan Zhao was quick to acknowledge that the feature is in the works. It is currently described as an alpha release, with no exact availability date. To try Notion AI, you need to join the waiting list and wait to receive an invite from the company. For whom this tool is designed for, know that Ivan Zhao sees this algorithm as a help for those who find it hard to get started when they have to write about a specific topic. The idea is not to actually produce a paper ready for publication as is, but to give a first draft a try to edit and deepen before you feel good enough(e) to share it. Ivan Zhao suggests that this program can also be useful for brainstorming and translating texts you’ve written.

“The truth is, sometimes we all stumble. In these situations, Notion AI can help you type,” Notion says in a one-minute promotional video shared by the company. With today’s launch, Notion AI is free, but the company says it may come with a fee. In the future, the company also states that it will open the feature up to more testers in the coming weeks and months.

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