Dealmaker Paris 2019 highlights affiliate performance – Marketing

Edouard Lauwick, Vice President of Operations at Rakuten Marketing opens this newcomer to the French scene of events dedicated to improving acquisition. Dealmaker Paris has been added to the list of DealMakers organized by Rakuten Marketing around the world (New York, Toronto, London, Munich, Singapore, Sydney…). As for other applications, during this day, affiliate platforms, publishers and advertisers discuss best practices and the evolution of their niche.

“We can help each and every one of you find your next customers,” emphasized Jeff Winder, Chief Revenue Officer for Rakuten Marketing. An ambitious program, if any, finds its justification in the examples presented. Among the brands mentioned that work well are Net-a-Porter, Forzieri, or FitFlop.

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Affiliation, the main acquisition channel of e-commerce

Kahina Lamara, Director of Performance at Mindshare, has been signed to WPP Group for nearly two decades and feels, from the top of her experience, that “belonging is reinventing itself.” Matthieu Morgenstern, CEO of WPP, also testifies to this in a projected video: “For Groupe M. and WPP, belonging is important. We consider that Affiliation can account for up to 40% of the turnover for large e-commerce clients He asserts, “Our challenges in 2020 are to move forward with the rise of e-commerce, and we must be more efficient for our customers.”

Various affiliate cranes

In this race for performance, of course, nothing should be left to chance. Email, display, retargeting, casback, comparisons, affinity sites, co-registration… Each of the seven levers of affiliation is worked with anticipation and an animated schedule of its business operations. And there, too, anticipation precedes action because, according to the professionals present, one of the keys to success is to be both in anticipation of well-known business holidays (Back to School, Black Friday, St. Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day. Day and sales) but also To profit opportunistically from the vagaries of current events. Like, by paying a discount voucher to the VTC in the midst of the Paris transport strike. “The future of affiliation will be the orchestration of transactional and relationship messaging to manage new loyal customers,” concludes KahinaLamara. Clever chemistry to find.

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