YouTube expands monetization solutions for short films

The financial time I reported earlier this week that YouTube was about to expand its features To monetize your short videos, by auditioning Affiliate marketing And the, By carrying out in-app purchases on the pants. The report also indicated that The company will increase the maximum music timeused in short-lived formats.

Online shopping is a lucrative field for the platforms

Last September, YouTube launched short film monetization in hopes of competing with rival TikTok for short-form video supremacy. It looks like The platform wants to go further With the implementation of a new monetization option for shorts.

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But what about Twitter?

According to the report, the feature-length video giant is testing shopping features with creators and audiences In the United States, India, Brazil, Canada and Australiaallowing influencers to label their own productsAnd the in short videosAnd the which users can then purchase. Affiliate Marketing Programopen to select US influencers, It adds another way for creators to monetize their short films : YouTube, with the creator and merchant all taking a cut of the sales.

The addition of this shopping feature, on short videos, comes just days after TikTok announced a similar feature. The Chinese app is testing the US shopping feature. The TikTok Store allows users to purchase products with a new Store tab. The feature’s release was mixed in the United Kingdom, but was a huge success in Indonesia.

YouTube is responding to one of the biggest content creator complaints

So far, music and sounds have been added to the videos It can only last 15 secondswhile shorts can stretch up to 60 seconds. Now, with revised licensing agreements, YouTube says the majority of music in short videos will be available up to 60 seconds long.

This update aims to make YouTube more competitive with competitors, TikTok and Instagram Reels, at a time when the length of “short” video is also changing. For comparison, a music video On Instagram reels can extend up to 90 seconds and on TikTok songs can be up to 1 minute long.

YouTube claims the short films have been watched by him More than 1.5 billion users connect each month And the It has more than 30 billion views per day. In addition, the new feature will be rolled out to users of the platform around the world on iOS and Android.

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