Near Vitry: Katie Bourdieu, the bus, presents “Connected Beauty”

Based in Saint-Didier, Katy Bordeau offers a fresh approach to connected beauty, along with a line of natural products. © Vitré Magazine

After a long career in marketing and fashion, Katie Bordeaux starts as a beauty instructor, Saint DidierClose Window.

She wants to help women and men feel satisfied with organic, labeled products and with a skin analysis based on a connected scanner linked to care with a dedicated app. “The Internet of Things, why not apply it to beauty,” she says, convinced of her approach. Connected beauty.


Founded as a beauty guru, Katie Bordeaux caters to everyone who wants it age gracefully And you feel good about yourself.

I work in partnership with an American laboratory, a world leader in cosmetology and an award-winning innovation. Thanks to this affiliation, I was able to discover their products, but also a different approach with carotenoids and collagen that can be beneficial for nails, hair, and skin.

Katie Bordeaux

In short, Katie offers an approach EthnobotanyBased on the ancestral knowledge of ethnic groups, plants act on the skin, and this is suitable for all formations. »I don’t offer beauty meetups, but personal advice as we work on inner and outer beauty. ”

Well in her bathroom

Katie wants to help people who feel that way bad about themselves to lead them to luxury. Teenager can be troubled by acne, women and men who want to take care of cellulite problem or skin tension. It also provides protection against ultraviolet rays From the sun or against the radiation of screens.

“I want everyone to feel comfortable in their bathroom, surrounded by products that get results, whether it’s during the day for Little evening routine, which I can also help build. Mohsen, she is very keen on the humane approach. I would provide the same care for clients that I would use for myself. Nobody escapes time, but we can influence the road and speed. »

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