End of the Year Celebrations: How to Prepare Your Email Strategy

The countdown to the holiday season has begun. The end of the year is usually put under the sign of friendliness and cheerfulness, now disturbed by the recent phenomena of inflation and geopolitical instability. Therefore, traders should prepare to get the most out of the game.

Despite excessive consumer demand, email messages retain a central role in marketing strategies. However, many companies have not hesitated to hide certain rules in place during the health crisis and use unscrupulous methods such as mass mailings, relaunching inactive people, or even unconsented snooping into inboxes.

Consumers are exhausted and plagued by inflation

Numerous studies highlight consumer fatigue with marketing tactics. They now want to engage with committed brands and consume smart. If it is clear that the pandemic has caused an explosion in e-commerce, communication is also increasingly focused on welfare issues and on ethics more broadly. In this context, it is necessary to shift to a subscriber-centered model and to show social responsibility.

Economically, it is difficult for brands to deal with the recent phenomenon of inflation that is beyond their control. As consumers see their purchasing power decline, brands must re-establish their legitimacy. This is definitely the time for brands to commit to their customers and society at large.

Trends in offers and content to follow

If Internet users continue to consume, however, there is a new criterion to take into account: most of them are looking for ways to limit their expenses through promotions or by signing up for loyalty programs … Therefore, marketing teams must come up with appropriate solutions by communicating for example About best sellers and be transparent in order to establish a long-term trust relationship.

Fabienne Touchard, Regional Marketing Director, SEMEA & Benelux, EMEA Channel Marketing, Validity

Fabienne Touchard, Regional Marketing Director, SEMEA & Benelux, EMEA Channel Marketing, Validity

Email personalization is also key to increasing open and engagement rates. If new trends focus more on sophistication, the visuals embedded in the content also influence the customer’s emotion and the content should be attractive and enticing.

GIFS for example, the real stars of the web, can be used for humorous purposes and have been shown to increase conversion rate significantly. Illustrations can also be used in emails and sometimes allow the brands to convey the true personality. Finally, teaser ads are ideal for generating engagement.

Adopt a book

Delivery related issues

For two years already, challenges such as the pandemic or regulations have been linked together and distorted consumers’ quality of life but also burdened inboxes, prompting email providers to tighten filtering so as not to impair the experience. Client.

In addition to developing more creative ideas and campaigns, ensuring email deliverability is essential to maximizing your ROI. This includes taking care of your campaign so you don’t end up in spam. Brands can also prepare with an IP Heating Phase, which lasts between 4-8 weeks, to boost their sender score. By sending personalized and relevant messages, the sender’s reputation for the company will also be maintained and continually improved.

Another way to trust incoming mail are Brand Message Identification Indicators, more commonly known as BIMI, which form an authentication base in the form of a granule that reveals the logo or initials of the sender. This illustration integrated into the domain name is an additional guarantee of consumer confidence.

Working on the object is also essential and will boost openness by up to 80%. The subject of the email should be short and focused and should evoke emotion. Be careful though, the most promoted will not work: you must therefore bet on originality and keep the goal in mind, choosing the words carefully.

Marketing is not an immutable science and has a vocation to constantly evolve, it is essential for companies to have this balance: to be relevant, customer-oriented and transparent, in a mixed and saturated information context. Like the end of the year festivities approach. The customer relationship is to be pampered, the true cornerstone of trust and loyalty, and an email strategy is an actual differentiator. This strategy will pay off in the long run to establish a lasting and healthy relationship with consumers.

Author: Fabienne TouchardRegional Marketing Director, SEMEA & Benelux, and Channel Marketing EMEA, Validity

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