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According to 82% of French people surveyed by Morar Consulting for Mailjet, email will remain the main communication channel in the next 10 years, ahead of SMS and Facebook.

If only one channel remains, what will be consumers’ preferred communication channel in 10 years? Morar Consulting scan for Jet Mail 2000 of them in France and the UK about communication platforms in the future. 82% of consumers surveyed believe that email will be the most used channel for brands to communicate with them over the next 10 years. And this is ahead of SMS (77%) and Facebook (74%). To illustrate this preference, panelists cited primarily ease of navigation in emails (46%), the integration of discounts or special offers (39%) as well as personalization (27%). According to the Mailjet study, which its parish advocates, marketers should invest cautiously in “new” communication channels. Like Snapchat, a mobile app that is attracting more and more advertisers due to its growing number of users (158 million daily active users according to the social network) and its recent advertising offering (Snapchat Partners, Lenses, Discover), of which only 12% of respondents say for sure (10/ 10 To the question “Which of the following communication channels do you think we will continue to use in 10 years?”) It continues to be used here for 10 years.

The main cited reason for the hurdle that other communication channels, and social networks in mind, have had is the idea of ​​user experience. Thus, 19% regret that brand advertisements on social networks are mixed into the content stream, or even 14% consider advertising on Facebook, Snapchat and others too intrusive. In addition, the Mailjet study highlights the fact that consumer expectations relate more to advertising content rather than its medium. In particular, they show a desire to receive personalized messages, eg via geolocation and real time (drive-to-store model) for 25% of them. Another expectation raised is the possibility of buying directly from a hopeful 21% of the panel.

Methodology: The study, commissioned by Mailjet in March 2017 by Morar Consulting, is the result of a survey of 2,000 consumers in France and the United Kingdom.

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