How to create a professional website in 2022?

With the different solutions offered by Zyro, you can easily create your own website. The site offers templates that can be customized at will to adapt to your style. Thus, you will be able to present your articles, products and services to your visitors in their most beautiful form, encouraging them to browse the different sections of your online space.

How do you use Zyro to create a professional website?

First of all, before starting your website, you must define one important thing: your visual identity. This relates to both colors and font, in order to make your branding and name, in short, your identity instantly recognizable and distinctive. Thus, your visitors will be able to remember you as soon as they see colors that remind you of your site.

When you have this item, you can go to Zyro to find the right solution to get started online. It starts directly with choosing a template on the site. A template is, in a way, a pre-made website, already organized with a few pages linked together. A skeleton site to fill with your products, articles, contact details, etc.

And with Zyro, you have dozens, even hundreds, of templates available once you register on the site. Better ? It is of course 100% customizable to look just like you. The goal here is to pick one that gets as close as possible to your ideal, so that you have a minimum amount of work to do before you’re ready.

To make things easier for you, Zyro has sorted the templates by site type. There is everything: personal website, blog, shop, portfolio, resume, marketing, travel, events, health, services, etc. When you’re done, it’s up to you to complete the entire site to make it functional. There is no need for coding or programming knowledge: everything is completely intuitive and easy. Simply click to add a page, section or post. And just in case there is any problem or if you have a question, you have 24/7 customer service.

A little advice: before putting your site online, feel free to fill it with various products (if you choose an e-commerce model) or with articles written so that there is material for your visitors to read and browse. Have you run out of inspiration? Zyro provides you with a full suite of tools to help you create content.

There is, for example, a content creator, in order to create texts on specific topics. You also get help creating your logo, which is essential in the process of creating a visual identity. There’s even a tagline generator to find a catchphrase to match your site.

Best of all, Zyro Tools is always with you when your site is live. With AI Heatmap, you can see the sections of your site where visitors are spending their time. Thus developing and multiplying these sections to make them spend more time on the site. To catch the eye, you can even use a tool to enhance your photos.

In short, Zyro is not just a website builder. It’s a true Swiss military knife to help you create quality content and refresh yourself in order to always stay on top of the trends. So your site will not only be unique, as it reflects your image, but it will also always be at its best thanks to the follow-up work offered by Zyro. There is everything to build a site from the ground up, from the title to the general terms of use. All of them can be accessed in just a few clicks and above all at a very affordable price.

Discover the different formats offered by Zyro

There are currently two formats available on the site:

  • The first is about creating a simple site, without an e-commerce component. For Black Friday, the 4-year subscription comes to just €3.9 per month. For this price, you get access to all of the above tools, plus 1 year of offered domain name, 3 months of free professional email, bandwidth, unlimited storage and much more.
  • The second formula is the business solution. This means that it allows you to sell products online, featured products via all the website tools offered before. If you want to subscribe to it, it will only cost you €4.90 per month for a 4-year subscription. With this business formula, you have all the benefits of a site plus:
  • Possibility of selling 500 products
  • Implement online payment options (there are more than 20)
  • Only 1% processing fee on every sale
  • Prepare a newsletter for your clients
  • Manage your orders and inventory
  • Reservations, if you want to make appointments with clients. They can see your availability and book a slot with you via this option.

To wrap up the Zyro offer, know that there are 30 free days during which you can test absolutely all the functionality of your formula, even putting it online. During these 30 days you can, at any time, decide to cancel your subscription if it does not suit you.

So here’s what to remember about Zyro:

  • A wide range of tools to create and maintain a quality website that reflects your image
  • Monthly subscription at a very low price
  • No coding or programming concepts needed to have a professional website

Zyro helps you every step of the way to create and maintain your professional website. Many tools accompany you to produce visual and written elements in order to provide quality content to your visitors.

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