Earning Mastery: The starting point for starting your online business through affiliate

Entrepreneurship is a dream world for many people who feel imprisoned in their work environment. Since the health crisis and the development of working conditions in recent years, more and more individuals dream of geographical, temporal and financial freedom … a lifestyle that entrepreneurs with prosperous activities give themselves, and above all a lifestyle that is accessible to all, provided that they know how to persevere and make the necessary sacrifices .

Three years of hard work to achieve success

These stages of the entrepreneur’s journey, Yuan knows well, because he experienced them himself before creating his current company: Profit Mastery. This hidden face of entrepreneurship is part of his career and he never hid it: doubts, failures, and years of unpaid work shaped his mind as an entrepreneur and are the keys to his success today.

When he started in 2017, Yoann took off in e-commerce. The first months are tough, he makes a lot of mistakes despite his hard work and ends up losing all his investment. Then he revised his business model and spent the next six months of his life looking for clients by every means possible: creating a blog, a Youtube channel, custom videos… to no avail. After this final failure, he questions everything and desperately hesitates to give up. But he knows it and feels it: he can succeed if he continues to persevere. Yet this past year he found the idea that would mark the beginning of his ascent. He meets Antoine, who unites with him and begins to develop the system of acquisition and affiliation. After several months of testing and optimization, his business is earning good profits. Aware of the difficulties other entrepreneurs may face in running their businesses, he decided to share his lessons with those who, like him, would like to find a path to success. Then he created Earnings Mastery, which is a companion to learning to belong and adapts to any profile, as it does not require any particular skills to get started.

Support that adapts to any profile

By sharing his experience, Yoann wants to provide a starting point for other people by preventing them from repeating the same mistakes he’s making, and above all a shortcut to the professional balance they wish to have. Every Profits Mastery member benefits from a course program designed to develop quickly. Support begins with a mindset/state of mind module, which is the number one criterion for an entrepreneur’s success. Yuan had experienced it himself, if he gave up after these three years of failure, he would never manage to get the life he wanted.

The sequence of units allows learners to get to the heart of the matter. Step by step, Yoann explains the actions to be performed in mini executive videos: how to create a landing page, an affiliate account, or set up an email sending strategy… a real goldmine to start an online business without skills. Earnings mastery support adapts to 3 types of profiles: those who do not have an investment budget, those who will be taught how to use affiliation to generate additional income, those who have a small budget to invest in online advertising but do not know how to proceed, and finally those who have a starting budget Good and would like to join at expert level. To complement the support, live coaching sessions are organized regularly to develop the skills of community members. Thanks to this program, Yoann gives any individual a chance to succeed: no need to invest a budget or certain skills, you can start small and grow as you go. The quality of training content was frequently highlighted by learners of the program. The company now has about thirty employees working full-time or part-time in software development and support, to bring more value to Profits Mastery members. Behind the proposed content, it is above all an opportunity for the freedom that is offered to the community: the ability to travel and work where you want, to arrange your own working hours, to be financially independent and not to worry about the end of the month. A great promise has already been fulfilled for many members of the program.

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