‘World Cup in Senegal could hit $3-7 billion’

Organizing the World Cup in Senegal? This is a possibility that Senegal may consider in the future. The guest of the conference organized by the African University of Science and Technology (EMIA) on Friday 11 November on the topic: “Football Economics: The Economic Impact of the World Cup on Senegal”, was the former Marketing Agent of the Senegalese Football Association, Pape. Massata Diack, Explore the benefits and economic benefits that the World Cup can derive from hosting this planetary quadrennial event. According to Mr. Diack, holding the World Cup in Senegal is still very possible and could inject, whatever is derived, between 3 and 7 billion dollars.

“A dream is allowed. A world in Senegal is possible in Senegal »

“The World Cup is a competition created in 1930. Of the 22 editions, most of them were in America and Europe and they are the pillars of FIFA. It is a competition of 32 teams with a cumulative television audience. 3 billion and 572 million for Russia during the last World Cup. There are structural investments for its loyal viewers The United States spent $500 million on the World Cup in ’94, France ($2.3 million in 1998), South Africa ($4.3 billion), Brazil ($15 billion), Russia ($27 billion), and Qatar ($27 billion). So the dream is allowed. It is quite possible in Senegal “” This competition can allow us to develop tourism because during the World Cup between 1.5 million and 2 million people visit the host country. Apart from this, there will be expenses practically between 3,700 And 10 thousand euros per tourist. There was a calculated economic impact of Russia in 2018 saying that a large amount was injected into the Russian economy during the period of 2018. Russian tourism increased by 65%. In 2014 in Brazil, it created 700,000 jobs. Regarding marketing The athlete, it is $145 billion, 40 degrees/degrees for tickets and hospitality, 30 dirhams A/degree in terms of rights and information and 30 degrees/degree of sponsorship.

“Tourism will range between 5 and 7 billion CFA francs”

“The state is the number one sponsor of sport in Senegal. Between 2015 and 2022, the government spent $25 billion between 2015 and 2017, 2019 and the World Cup in Russia. It is an investment that is not in vain because we are the champions of Africa. Young people can, through sport, know the promotion. Because it is a profession that has several branches such as agent, marketing agent, sports journalist, etc. One of the first measures that the World Cup can take is to convince the fan. I confirm the recent controversy over the black shirt between the federation and the fans. The shirt is the only emotional link between the fan and the team. And Mundial will pump Senegal All that comes in between $3 and 7 billion With the name Senegal shining all over, tourism will bring in between 5 and 7 billion CFA francs from spending just to support them, the diaspora.

“Economy about local football”

In addition to the advantages that the World Cup can bring in terms of tourism, it is also an opportunity at the club level and Senegalese sponsors and for it to be more widely visible at the club level. You will sell players. This is the example of Diambars who sold 43 players to European clubs. So we can say that it creates an economy around local football, and it also boosts training institutes. In terms of sponsorship, it would be the perfect event for companies like phone companies to sell their subscription card. So do TV sellers. Because everyone will want to watch the match on time

If Senegal wins the World Cup…

If Senegal wins the World Cup, we will raise $42 million. This is equivalent to the budget of the Minister of Sports. In support of FIFA, going to the first round allows us to get close to 7 billion CFA francs. The state spent 8 billion. After the first round, we can raise 11 billion CFA francs before we get any word on the Demba Diop stadium project. With regard to the Demba Diop stadium development project that FSF has taken on and is financed by FIFA, the direct benefits accrue to the federation. The FSF must accrue these rights before the Lsfp.

“The World Cup will improve the market value of players”

For players, the World Cup will improve their market value. So the player who would have cost 500,000 euros to participate. Senegal today is number 1 in terms of the number of players playing for foreign clubs with 590 players. It is less than Brazil which has 394 players. It’s premium football that values ​​its fair value.

“Football is an industry that generates $290 million annually worldwide.”

“Football meets all the standards of enthusiasm, passion and belonging in all countries of the world. The football industry is worth 290 million dollars a year. But today if we take all the components of football, players, clubs, media, sponsors, then 680 billion dollars will be spent. So It is tough as an industry. It is also an instrument of social cohesion, a moment of competition, promotion, distinction, a platform for education and mobilization. We must also understand that football has a political interest. Qatar beat the USA, Australia, South Korea and Japan.”

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