▷ 5 Tips for a Successful Webinar

A webinar allows you to give a presentation and live discussion about a new product, offer or a specific topic, as in training as in business. So the way it is conducted can alone determine the success or failure of a digital marketing strategy. Focus on some tips for a successful webinar…

Webinar, what is first?

Derived from the etymology of the terms “web” and “seminar”, a webinar (a webinar in French) is a face-to-face meeting, usually by video conference, to promote a presentation or discussion of a related topic. It allows the creators of the webinar, called “speakers,” to provide the audience with all the information they consider necessary to convert leads into leads. Often accompanied by slide presentations that are broadcast live to the audience, these online conferences are increasingly becoming a staple of effective training, engaging training, or an effective marketing strategy.

But to create a successful webinar, you have to take the time to fine tune all the details regarding the course of the session. The choice of topic should not be random. Although it should be related to the product to be promoted, you should prioritize the topic that interests your target and enhances the attractions of the offer you want to uncover.

Preparing for the webinar

What topic aligns with the idea I want to develop? Is this really what is needed to highlight the intrinsic characteristics of my product? What is my “buyer personality”? Is this topic of interest to my potential clients? Have there already been a lot of webinars on this topic? How do I attract clients with my webinar? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself before scheduling a video conference.

In fact, having the best product will not help you attract new potential customers to your online conference if you cannot find the right words to grab your audience’s attention. Everyone strives above all to satisfy his own interest. The best way to encourage someone to participate in your webinar is to show them a topic that they are interested in.

Once again, care must be taken to ensure that the content matches the chosen topic. The goal is to avoid at all costs the impression that a potential customer has been deceived about the promises of your webinar. Next make sure the fruits live up to the promise of the flowers.

First, remember that the ideal solution is to create a landing page specifically for webinar recordings. You can then use email, social networks like Linkedin and Facebook or other digital channels to communicate about your video conference and spark a desire to participate in your goals.

Regarding the registration page, it should include all necessary information such as date, time, topic, registration form or even the online conference program. Care should be taken to include a section dedicated to communication between the lead and the promoters in order to obtain, if necessary, more information relevant to the session.

However, everything will be easier if you build an upstream virtual community that shares your opinions on this topic. You can then easily show your educational project on the web to subscribers without fear of being lost. The effort in this case is to create profiles/pages on social networks and a blog to publish information about your center of interest.

You can insert a Call to Action or highlight the webinar on your website’s home page and in the scroll bar. One common technique in promoting a webinar is to offer a free e-book, volunteer training, or a free gift to the manager who comes to sign up. If you’re keen on promoting a show, this is an alternative not to be overlooked in the same way as selecting speakers during a video conference.

Selection of assistants

In fact, it is accepted that to conduct a webinar effectively, you need at least two speakers. The first person should be responsible for providing effective content and facilitating the session. The second one takes care of any technical issues related to audio, video, presentation support, and any other malfunctions related to customer relations. He must also manage the “chat” by answering the various questions and interests of the participants.

Thus, the selection of presenters is one detail that should not be taken lightly when it comes to running a webinar. It is essential to select qualified, dynamic and comfortable (for the presenter) speakers. This is a very important parameter if you want to encourage your audience to follow the video conference to the end and respond effectively to polls and questions. But at this level, it must be recognized that the choice of the webinar program can be decisive. If you do not provide a good “customer experience”, it is very likely that you will not get the expected result in terms of marketing objectives.

Use appropriate and effective programs

The ideal software for a webinar in 2022 should offer good image quality, scalable video format, chat area, on-screen slideshow option, and session recording setup. Choosing such an online tool will also save you from repeating problems related to running a webinar. There are a variety of offers on the market that meet these basic criteria to attract the attention of customers.

Between Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webikeo, GoToWebinar, and many more, you will inevitably find the tool that meets your expectations. In addition, some of them provide KPI analysis tools such as engagement rate, engagement rate, conversion rate, offer quality and other performance indicators. You can even use it to design mailing campaigns or collect data on participants.

Analyze your webinar results

This is the step where you have to analyze the details about the KPI in depth. The success of your webinar does not depend exclusively on the proper conduct of the session. Only the repercussions associated with it can measure the quality of your service. After the web conference, how often do you open your emails? How many people have signed up for your training or bought your product? Did you achieve the set goals from the start?

In any case, learn from each webinar to do better next time. It also includes features related to sending the transcript of your webinar or replay that are often overlooked when every potential client can change your business performance forever. So every coach, trainer or entrepreneur has an interest in remaining vigil and meticulous throughout the webinar process.

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