▷ 5 Tips for New Web Entrepreneurs

Hello young entrepreneur. Are you bored with the idea of ​​starting your entrepreneurship adventure online? Normal ! But beware not to fall into the wall from the start. Here are 5 tips I wanted to receive when I started. 5 tips to go straight in the right direction…

1- Select a strategy and then put yourself on autopilot

There is nothing worse than reviewing your strategy every day. You will be distracted and increase the mental load.

Instead, set time periods during which you identify the most important tasks for you (every week for example, or every month). You will put yourself in the placeArchitect of your business. Clearly write down the tasks to be performed. (For my part, I have a small notebook that is always with me and keeps everything on it).

All the time, you’ll be wearing a hatliteral of your business. You will carry out the tasks of the architect. You will be on autopilot.

For my part, I work in 3-month increments. At the beginning of each quarter, I take a day or two of reflection as I review my goals and detail very meticulously the tasks that need to be done to achieve them.

And for the remaining three months, I “stupidly” apply my to-do list!

2- Do only one thing at a time

When you start your own business, you may be tempted to test everything that shines. A social network we are not in? he goes! LinkedIn strategy to be developed? This is an opportunity not to be missed! Seo is the future? Push!

But in doing so, we get distracted. We get a little good all over. And finally, we’re not stellar anywhere.

Focus on the hubs where (1) you are good and (2) your goal. And forget the rest now. (Maybe) you’ll come back to this later.

You must strive to become the king fish of your own pond. Not an ordinary fish in the middle of the ocean.

On my first site, it was a disaster. I was going everywhere and wanted to be present absolutely on all social networks without knowing which ones to choose. Finally, I was only half present everywhere because I didn’t have the time to allocate it.

Now, when I’m looking to start a new blog, I know that first and foremost I have to stay focused on what’s most important.

3- Your email list is the key to your success

Instagram can delete your account without justification and without possible return (it hurts me). Facebook could change its algorithm and limit the distribution of Pages to their audience (they did that, they hurt). The same is true for Google, LinkedIn, Twitter or Youtube. You can’t much control playing by their rules.

However, the email addresses belong to you*. No one can take it from you overnight, or decide to stop you from using it.

Your email database represents the true value of your business. You need to create a real community.

* Within the limits of what the potential client has authorized you to do, of course.

4- Don’t panic: growth is not linear

It’s frustrating at first to see that nothing is moving despite our best efforts, isn’t it? do not worry. Normal. Growth is not linear. One day you will explode without being able to explain why this event was successful and not the previous event 137.

Then you will have to put in less and less effort to achieve greater and greater results. It is not self-evident.

My first blog has got me busy full time with no real results. One day the wheel started moving. Today, it’s generating enough for me to live on a regular basis, taking me only half a day a week. I can dedicate myself to my second activity: helping web-goers make a living from their online content.

5- Go to it and set the shot along the way

Don’t try to build the ideal solution. You will not. Instead, put yourself in direct contact with your goal, and participate in building that ideal solution.

Only by knowing your character by heart (and thus by talking to him) will you be able to understand his problem.

Besides, all the time you waste thinking about the optimal solution (when you later realize that it wasn’t) is the time you don’t spend trying and refining your skills.

Get to the arena as quickly as possible. You will learn how to fight when you face another wrestler.


These five tips will save you time.

Because after all, how you allocate your time will determine whether or not your business is successful. (Well, not only that, but he plays a lot!).

Entrepreneurship is a really great adventure, and the Internet offers many opportunities. Don’t miss the mark.

It’s never too late to start!

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