Positive LBO publishes third

“With the performance achieved, we took the lead on Action Plan Which we built using IDI in 2020 (read below), we introduced Matthew TarnusLeader positive (Previous Sarpakan). This new funding is expected for a year or even two years. In fact, the publisher of email marketing software is gaining additional resources by welcoming the French-German investor EMZ Partners to its capitalWorld Health Organization pumps just over 52.5 million euros in the financial value and almost the financial value Marking LBO III. The amount is up to 110 million euros With a new debt raised first with a crane 4.5 times the EBITDA. night group calling Swimming pool Historic bank that includes CIC Nord Ouest, Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe, and Groupe Banque Populaire.

A thesis that matches our identity.

Matthew Tarnos, positive group

This total amount does not include reinvestment of part of the proceeds from the sale of IDI, nor the reinvestment of Mathieu Tarnus, who holds 55-60% of the capital. This question remained central to the commander when the operation was launched at the end of last year. accompanied by Brian GarnierHe continues, the CEO of Positive has met “almost all kinds of funds, some aggressive, others striving for the majority.” We have selected a European investor whose approach is a combination ofthe financial value And bond loans, stick to our identity, that is, to maintain our independence. »

Discussions with about fifteen companies

However, the group claims that it did not need these new resources to fund its third acquisition, following the acquisition of Datanas, and more recently that of its German colleague Rapidmail (see below). Night publisher puts his hand in his pocket to carry his neighbor, Marketing 1BY1And the With whom he has held talks since the beginning of the year. It consists of twenty employees, Enhances a catalog of tools dedicated to corporate digital communications, such asE-mailor SMS or chat by cat, using a customer data management solution, also called a single customer repository (RCU). It allows to exploit and analyze pop-up data or manage CRM strategy for large accounts in various sectors such as Mr. Bricolage, WWF, Electro Dépôt or Dijon Football Club. This results in a file version sponsorVinorpa And the Nord France Priming, entered 2016 for 900 thousand euros (see below). brings about 1.5 million euros in revenue to positivewhose profits should be for 2022 That’s just over 27 million euros. Matteo Tarnus concludes: “We always want to increase the proportion of international sales in our sales. We are currently discussing with about fifteen companies, whether to open up to other countries, or to diversify our offerings.”

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