Geo-referenced text messages to increase your CTR

The geographically defined SMS are generated and work with the latest technologies in the market, 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G; They are fast, efficient and are used in the context of SAIP operations, among other things, to alert residents.

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Geo-referenced SMS to increase click-through rate. Today, people use their phones 24/7 and check them regularly. At the same time, SMS sending has become the preferred communication channel for marketers, eliminating email marketing and telephone campaigns in some areas. It was then thought that SMS marketing had reached its peak, but that was without accounting for recent technological advances revolving around geolocation and geofencing.

In the context of marketing, geolocation refers to a virtual fence around a pre-defined geographical area; Once the user enters this area, it triggers an action.

Very little use of geolocation in SMS marketing is still the key to reaching your target audience and engaging new prospects more effectively. It consists of sending promotional SMS to its targets when they pass through or are in a certain geographical area.

Geo-referenced SMS to increase click-through rate. In this article, find out all there is to know about location-based SMS and which SMS marketing platform to use for implementing location-based SMS campaigns.

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What are geographically defined SMS?

Primarily used in the field of marketing, geo-targeted SMS or even geo-targeted SMS are SMS messages that are sent to targets as they pass through or are in a specific geographic area. Thus, precisely targeting the people you want to reach is the primary goal of using geo-referenced SMS.

Geospatial text messages are very popular with brands that want to attract more people to their stores and stores, thanks in particular to text messages promoting products or even text messages offering discount codes or discounts when the text message is offered.

SMS Advertising Tips 2022
SMS Advertising Tips 2022

But promotion is not the only area of ​​location-based SMS application. It can also be used for customer service. Using geolocation technology and automatic text messaging, an airline can, for example, send a useful informational text message to everyone who enters the vicinity of an airport.

Geofencing, the technology combined with sending SMS effectively engages customers

“Geofencing” is a geolocation technology that makes it possible to monitor the movements or location of a person or object in a virtual area around a specific location.

Businesses use a “geofence” to engage their customers once they enter a “geofence” (perimeter), a virtual barrier or perimeter around a physical location, by sending relevant messages, alerts, advertisements and notifications directly to their smartphone, usually via SMS.

At the moment, geographically defined SMS campaigns are still of little use by businesses, while clearly they should be. And for good reasons, according to several studies:

  • Text message open rate exceeded 95% vs just 8% for email marketing.
  • More than 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of being sent.
  • For SMS marketing, the opt-out rate is just 0.4% to 1.2%, versus 5 to 10% for email marketing.
  • 60% of individuals remember the brand after reading its SMS messages, compared to only 15% for TV media, and 14% for broadcast media.
  • On average, 66% of French people have already made a purchase at a store they know well after receiving an advertising text message from the brand.

A recent study, this time focusing only on geographically defined SMS, conducted by Easton Mal in collaboration with Alliance Data, an American company that specializes in creating and maintaining loyalty and marketing programs, reported that:

  • 68% of SMS subscribers indicated that they would sign up for location-based SMS promotions in the future.
  • People who received location-based mobile marketing messages spent an average of 24% more compared to those who did not receive promotions via location-based SMS. Thus, the effectiveness of geo-targeted SMS has been proven!

You should start by setting the radius of the geofence, which can vary in size. It could be a few miles or a few blocks away. You can even decide to set up multiple geofences.

Next, you will need to obtain the necessary permissions to collect subscribers for the geolocation list via SMS. Once this is done, you can start tracking the followers who enter the area.

Geolocation works by tapping on GPS or RFID signals. To find the GPS location, the SMS provider performs the process of “finding” the location. You will receive an alert when your subscribers are in the geographically defined area, after which you can send highly targeted mobile marketing campaigns to them.

As a rule, your SMS campaign will already be automatically configured and run so that when a subscriber is nearby or in a geographically defined area, he immediately receives your SMS.

SAIP, is an excellent example of population geolocation

At the request of the French government, the Population Alert and Information System was created, which is a set of digital security devices. SAIP makes it possible to broadcast a message to alert the population of a dangerous event in order to reduce the risk of exposure.

And the authorities responsible for the general protection of the population, such as provincial governors or sometimes even mayors, launch them. Once alerted, users will also have to apply reflex safety measures. As part of the Euro 2016 football tournament, a mobile application has been developed to complement the first outreach device,

It is also sometimes used during attacks, a few years ago, and nowadays it is used more in the context of meteorological operations, unexpected accidents (industrial or road), or during very intense operations (storms, rain, winds, storms), but it still exists. Excellent carrier and communication tool.

CleverSMS and Smart Multimedia to send geo-referenced MMS and SMS

To send bulk text messages, you must first choose an SMS service provider that offers “geolocation” as an addition to your SMS marketing campaigns. This is the case of Clever Technologies that provides you with two powerful tools for sending geo-referenced SMS: CleverSMS and Clever multimedia.

CleverSMS is an online SMS sending and receiving solution for businesses and professionals. These key features include group texting, unit SMS sending, scheduled messages, delayed sending, message personalization, auto replies, two-way messaging, rich SMS, SMS (text messages displayed automatically, directly on the mobile screen without any user intervention), targeting contacts, reports, reports or even tracking and follow-up.

Regarding the Clevermultimedia messaging platform, also published by Clever Technologies, it has the same functionality as CleverSMS, but with the added ability to be able to send MMS, Voice Messages, SMS, SMS to Mail and more, or even PDFs with passwords or validity dates, which Ideal for sending an account balance or a payment receipt.

The complete CleverSMS and Clevermultimedia web platforms are designed to easily connect to your business applications such as your CRM tool for example or customer support, your website, database, your electronic organizer and more. Of course, they can also interact with any “geo-fence” solution so that you can send geo-specific SMS messages to potential clients and customers.

Memoguard V5, the supervision software with on-demand management, can also geolocate.

Who can do the most, and can also do the least, the alert, warning, and supervision software uses geolocation. Use it for your alert and alert campaigns, and you will profit with its ease of use and numerous management options.

Thanks to geo-specific alert messages, it is very easy to get an echo for isolated workers in remote locations or for targeted evacuation alerts and warnings (floods, fires, etc.), or other incidents that may occur on an industrial site.

Memoguard V5, completely redesigned in 2022 (5 years of hard work), includes all possible options (some of which our customers have requested), uses the latest generation technology, modular, and will be able to adapt to all your needs.

Feel free to place an order, create a free account, by calling, or by sending a simple email to [email protected], we will also be able to put to you for free the necessary SMS for your tests.

Author Antonio Rodriguez Motta Publisher and Director of Clever Technologies

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