Email Marketing: Boost Your Online Business

To promote a brand, service or introduce a new product, social networks have become an essential step: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc. But there is a communication solution that affects people between the ages of 20 and 99 in a more personal way: it’s email. There are so many anti-spam and anti-phishing checks on messages that the email that arrives in your mailbox is bound to inspire trust. This is absolutely true because these messages, which are received by Internet users, have requested it! By registering from a site they liked or made a purchase through. And since 90% of Internet users check their headlines at least once a day, you benefit from perfect visibility and you will necessarily have a better chance of reading.

Trust a professional platform

A good email marketing strategy includes two types of communications. Newsletters communicate about your company’s news like a blog and highlight your products: in what conditions you use them, who uses them, etc. Email campaigns exist to drive sales during a promotion or a special event: sales, brand anniversaries, etc. Managing this database with all of these peers is a massive task, and even if you only have a few recipients, things can change quickly. Your site can quickly increase in importance, and word of mouth is a valuable lever. Therefore we advise against managing your contacts from “amateur” programs. It is absolutely counterproductive.

Boost your business with digital agency services! The latter can offer you an email marketing service, but also give you tips on your SEO, building a mobile app, hosting solution, networking, social selling… In short, define a global digital strategy.

Email marketing allows you to target Internet users at the right time, but also to better target their needs with critical features in your business: tools to create with templates, ways to segment your audience (interested people by product type, customers who have already bought something from you or to categorize them by age group ), to follow accurate statistics on slots and clicks, to collect surveys, to conduct contests, etc.

Sending bulk emails: technical limitations to overcome

You also have to think about the technical part when it comes to sending bulk emails that contain bounce also called “soft and hard bounce”. Because sometimes it happens that for large campaigns, email services “block” messages from even if they are legitimate and legal. To avoid this kind of disappointment, email marketing services offer so-called “hot IP addresses”. A static IP address that sends emails in small packets so as not to scare away spam filters. Once the IP address in question gains the trust of the services managing the reception of emails, you can send your campaigns to 10, 20 or 100,000 recipients simultaneously without any problem. Because if your email falls into spam, keep in mind that it will never be read.

It is also possible to schedule emails according to time zone and even send out the campaign at different times depending on your subscribers habits: if X is used to seeing his emails every day in the morning or once a week on Saturday, the email will be sent allocated in a timely manner. It’s a good way to take care of deliverability and make sure campaigns are ‘clean’.

Manage approval for your contacts

Consent is also very important. The email marketing service allows you to manage opt-outs. This is necessary to maintain subscribers’ consent and thus prevent them from clicking on the spam report. If many of your reporters click on this report, you could be blocked by hundreds or thousands of people at once. Because if you do not unsubscribe one or more people who want to unsubscribe from your mailing list, they will immediately put you in the spam list. And it will be the same for all other contacts that have the same mailbox (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.). That’s why it’s so important to trust a storefront service to manage this kind of thing automatically. This will save you valuable time that you can make better use of.

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