To help warm up, Rothelec is buying leads. hot

In 2016, email and advertising entries generated 75% of the leads that fueled the business’ sales force RothelikAnd the One of the most prestigious French manufacturers of inertial radiators. This now qualifies each lead (prospect) before making an appointment for salespeople or salespeople; It depends for this purpose on Tagamidawhich offers this service among many others in its catalog, intended for one profession: Generate qualified leads.

As in many other sectors, the boiler, radiator or household equipment sector has not escaped an overhaul of the customer acquisition process. Focus on the effective way of doing things for a French leader.

What is a premium coolant? deliberate lead What is the recipe for this fabrication?

“Suppose it does not resemble the equipment generally found in GSS (specialty supermarkets) by about 200 euros and that the customer will install it on his own, which results in low-quality heating, in our opinion. The prospects we are looking for are looking forward to a certain comfort, to better warm themselves, with Reducing their energy expenditure!The cost of purchasing, which may seem high, will not be amortized immediately but in the long run.So we manufacture and sell inertial radiators that collect and recover heat and avoid differences of two to three degrees which force the heating to push to reach a degree required temperature.”

How do you generate leads today in an industry like yours?

“Over the past 10 years, we have seen a clear shift between direct and indirect contact. In 2016, three-quarters of contacts created were via the Postal and Entries channel and the rest via digital channels, a proportion that has been reversed: the bulk of the volume is now done digitally, With affiliation, key partners, research and e-mail. Correspondence. This is the workplace Tagamida to collect lead. After several partners sent us the contact details of people who want to change heating equipment, Tagadamedia qualifies for the leadchecks its quality, before the internal appointment platform contacts these potential clients, to arrange an appointment without obligation.

Why so many consecutive operations?

“Our sales team of about fifty sales representatives spread across France, will, on the basis of these qualified files, schedule and finalize the technical study and sales estimate. This commercial pre-sales logistics is essential and expensive and must therefore be organized in a qualitative manner. It must I make sure that the qualified files are qualified according to our basic requirements, and then processed by our consultants correctly! Qualification of the lead, in-house call centers, VRP sales team and after-sales service in case of delivery: “This mode is strength and allows us to respond to the slightest request From the customer, at any point in time to the customer journey, in connection with third parties. We aim to achieve 100% serenity for our clients. The work of my Jonathan and Eric* teams is highly professional, reliable and adapted to industry requirements.”

An interview with the Marketing Director of Tajadmia.

The two founding partners of the company.

1 photo: A mechanic fuels the boiler of a steam locomotive – Credit © DR

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