The release date of God of War Ragnarok is no coincidence

Ragnarok is coming, and it’s no accident

God of War Ragnarok will give us a theoretical (and practical) lesson in Norse mythology that you’d actually want to get in school. But far from slapping us with Thor, one of the events in which you’ll be playing the game will be exactly what it’s called: the arrival of Ragnarok.

According to Norse mythology, the wolves Skoll and Hati chase the sun and the moon to make them disappear, and see how special life is, tonight we will experience one of these events. Today, November 8, a lunar eclipse will occur, an event that will make the moon look red because the Earth is standing between the sun and the moon, and it ends up disappearing for a few minutes from our view.

Al ser un eclipse completeo, veremos lo que se llama una Luna de Sangre, ya que la dispersión de la luz solar reason que los rayos la tinten de color rojizo a primera vista, un color que precisamente es el que provoca el giro de la history in the game.

Obviously, this is exactly what happens in the events of God of War, but in its own way, because as we saw in the launch trailer, it will be the wolves that will end the moon, leaving a red sky and start the expected Ragnarok.

In France we miss her

Unfortunately, the times when the Earth’s passage between the Sun and Moon will not coincide with the night in France, so here we will miss it in all its glory. The same won’t happen in America and the Pacific where they’ll be able to see it at dawn (anyone could say it’s a marketing move in the US PlayStation division), and thus live what would be the most similar representation of Ragnarok’s arrival.

Was it intentional?

God of War

You won’t be able to deny that the game isn’t perfect. The question is, did they choose the date of the eclipse to coincide with the entire game narrative? This all comes thanks to a tweet posted by user ManuDoll, who accidentally discovered the eclipse and decided to share it on Twitter.

Twitter user photo

🏳️‍🌈❤𝕄 𝕄️𝕦𝔻️𝕝️❤️ 🌈

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Hey @SonySantaMonica and @PlayStation – can you confirm that? # Godevoire

05 November 2022 • 06:21

Apparently the tweet went viral that Cory Barlog responded to it himself. your answer? A simple Ryan Reynolds animation allows complete freedom of interpretation, but leads us to believe that everything has already been thoroughly researched. what do you think?

God of War Ragnarok will go on sale on November 9 for €79.99, although you can buy it on Amazon for €69.99 thanks to this offer.

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