The final payment is imminent, are you worried?

Excellent puffing. In mid-November, the Family Allowance Fund (CAF) must pay an inflation bonus to some of its recipients.

[Mise à jour du lundi 07 novembre 2022 à 08h49] Inflation puts pressure on your budget? If you are a mediocre worker, and you get the reward for activity that way, then good news awaits you. The Family Allowance Fund (CAF) will pay out exceptional solidarity assistance, more commonly known as the Inflation Allowance, in mid-November. If you’re worried in November, keep in mind that the inflation premium will be less generous. “The amount of their aid will be 28 euros, plus 14 euros for each dependent child.”, can we read on the public service website. There may be a delay depending on the banking institution. The inflation premium has already been paid to recipients of RSA, AAH and Aspa in particular.

Who gets the 2022 inflation bonus? Conditions

The emergency aid paid at the beginning of the school year is for beneficiaries of certain benefits only:

  • spa
  • ahhhh
  • Chinese People’s Liberation Army,
  • SSA,
  • Ear,
  • lump sum bonus for resuming activity,
  • SR
  • Financial Assistance for Social and Professional Integration (AFIS)
  • Simple allowance for the elderly
  • RSA,
  • activity bonus
  • Scholarship students.

All eligible audiences appear in the decree published in the Official Gazette. The reference family tax income is not studied in advance. The Confederation of African Football (CAF) explains on its website: “It is usually the organization that pays these benefits that will pay the assistance, and will pay this assistance to scholarship students who do not receive Crowe housing assistance.”

In what cases does CAF pay an inflation bonus? What about the job center?

The Family Allowance Fund is paying exceptional solidarity assistance in September 2022 to recipients of the social minimum, such as RSA and activity bonus. You don’t have to do anything beforehand. Payment is made automatically. Pôle emploi guarantees payment to beneficiaries of a certain social minimum paid to job seekers, such as the ASS and the AER. You do not get an inflation bonus from the Pôle emploi if you are unemployed and receive a return to work allowance. Payment will be effective at the end of September.

Will retirees benefit from the inflation premium?

Retirees benefit from the 2022 inflation bonus provided they have the minimum old age limit (ASPA). Note: On July 1, the basic pension will be retroactively increased by 4%.

How much is the inflation premium for 2022?

The government provided the details. The amount of the inflation bonus for 2022 is 100€ per family and 50€ per child. For a family of two adults, including an RSA beneficiary, and two children, the inflation premium is up to €200.

What about RSA recipients?

RSA recipients are among the recipients of the inflation premium. You don’t have to do anything upstream. Payment will be made automatically through the Family Assistance Fund.

The Exceptional Back-to-School Assistance payment was to be paid on 15 September 2022 to most beneficiaries. Activity bonus recipients must wait until November.

Will the inflation premium be paid monthly?

no. Extraordinary back-to-school assistance is exceptional, as its name indicates. Not intended to become permanent. On the other hand, the government has been working for several years to create a more modest food inspection, to help them buy high-quality food products in short circles. At this point, no method has been revealed, although the principle of food inspection has already been verified in the text of the law.

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