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Digital is at the heart of our business challenges. In the midst of the health crisis, all organizations have had to reinvent their way of collaborating and equipping themselves. This applies even more to marketing where digital has become essential. Every company had to rethink its acquisition strategy and re-enchant the customer experience. In fact, digital is present in every touch point.

How do you give visibility to your brand, and what are the appropriate levers to use on the web? Discover the 3 most important steps to successful digital marketing, from strategy to branding and emails as an effective web marketing tool. Boost My Mail offers to accompany you to success in your digital marketing strategy and to make your web marketing campaigns work with your employees’ emails. It is the #1 communication channel, receiving and sending 70 emails per day per employee.

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🚀 Step One: Enhance Your Digital Marketing Strategy

1 / Create your brand story
The importance of storytelling has increased with the advent of internet marketing and social networking. Balanced storytelling tells your brand story in a vivid way, in a state of mind of authenticity, dialogue with communities and sharing common values. Even if advertising in its classic form is still around, companies are increasingly speaking out by directly urging their communities.

Good to know: The editorial charter is just as valuable as the graphic charter for editing the body and mind of your brand.

2 / Be visible on Google, the web’s first showcase

Google is the #1 search engine for making your brand visible on the web. Any potential customer searches the web before choosing a product or service. To be effective, your business must appear in the first search results on Google, in the keyword queries searched by your targets. Paying attention to your website’s natural referral (SEO) is a priority. Tools like Ranxplorer will help you in your search.

👉 Good to know: Create an affiliate blog for your website, with expert articles.

3/ Social selling to promote your brand

Social selling allows you to discover and accelerate your business. It is not necessary to be present in all social networks, choose those that best resemble your goals. Every employee of the company is an ambassador and participates in the revival of your brand through social networks. Any content that showcases your work builds your community’s affinity with your brand.

4/ Get information from potential clients

If you have reached this stage, you have succeeded in generating enough traffic to your website. It is now about successfully collecting users’ information such as their phone numbers or their professional emails to maintain the association with them. The best solution is to create attractive landing pages and offer a reward that will attract your potential customers, such as inviting them to download value-added content, watch a video or offer a personal appointment.

Landing Page Promote My Email

Landing page example

In short, your website should offer an attractive web design, to encourage your visitors to discover you a little more. Motivational calls to action and well-designed content, which reflects both your experience and the essence of your brand, are essential to making this happen. Tools, such as Yandex, can analyze the effectiveness of the UX UI of your site. Assigning your pages which are the most clicked areas or the coolest areas will help you improve your user experience.

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🚀 Step 2: Perfecting Your Brand Image

Understand and master your brand image

Digitally transforming your company’s brand image and highlighting your business campaigns is a major challenge and a recurring problem in digital marketing. The effect of visual perception on purchase intentions is fundamental. A harmonious, recognizable visual identity aligned with your experience makes your brand unique, memorable and therefore highly visible. The online designer Canva offers a suite of tools to create and perfectly adapt your visual identity, on all your media, whether you are a beginner or an expert.

👉 How to enhance and highlight your brand image, and what are the best mediums to use on the web? What are the best tips for creating and developing your brand image with Canva?

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Mr. Canvas

🚀 Step 3: Emails to your employees, an effective means of online marketing

Create targeted email campaigns with your email signatures

When creating digital campaigns, we automatically think of sponsored content, web banners, and social networks. However, email is the company’s primary communication channel. It is a safe bet to obtain information, maintain a link with your professional contacts and exchange them on a daily basis. There are two options for giving visibility to your brand image via email, content migration:

1 / Email campaigns, to convey news via newsletters to all your contacts. This format allows you to reach your goals on a large scale, communicating in various news.

2/ Email signature on your employees email messages. It’s a new form of show, they’re on the rise. An email signature says a lot about your business: it conveys your brand image and your news. The best ambassadors and collaborators are contacting you. Today it is the most visible channel of communication.

Boost My Mail is a web solution to customize your business email signature in just a few clicks, with objective content. Everything is simply managed in a centralized and automated manner. With Boost My Mail, automatically publish your employees’ personalized email signature to their emails. The app is easy to use, UX UI well thought out. Finally, an email signature gives real visibility to your communication campaigns.

Illustrated by Arnaud Tesson, Corporate Communications Project Director at Réalités. “REALITES ran a campaign with Boost My Mail, during the first booking, to advertise the creation of a non-material purchase. The campaign achieved 33,000 clicks. A very positive result that contributed to +37% sales growth in the first half, when the national market was down by – roughly 30%.” To try Boost My Mail for 14 days, click here.

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Email signature interface

Boost My Mail accompanies you through webinars to achieve success in your digital marketing. Find all dates below. At each stage, a webinar with tips and use cases to better explain our advice

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