A tool to improve the deliverability of marketing campaigns and transactions

When doing email campaigns, the first goal is for the email to reach the recipients’ inboxes. However, sometimes delivery issues occur and damage the reputation of the sender. To deal with this, there are several solutions.

SocketLabs is a versatile solution for sending transactional and marketing emails. SocketLabs’ goal is to ensure that sent emails reach the recipients’ inboxes. For this, the solution offers a combination of technology and expertise to ensure the correct delivery of emails.

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Real time information

SocketLabs dashboard overview

The performance dashboard provides a comprehensive view of email activity. The information on the server can be accessed or a new server can be added. Information about volume sent, opened, clicks, undelivered messages, etc. are also available. It is possible to configure graphs in a custom way to obtain information according to a specific time period.

The detailed StreamScore report provides insight into the impact of sending practices on email deliverability and sender reputation. 4 Data is taken into account: email failures, blocked emails, spam positions and complaints from recipients. In this way the results of the following campaigns can be improved. Additional reports are provided to go into more detail in the analysis. For example, the report dealing with sending failures, gives not only the failure rate, but also the reason why the mail was not sent.

Sample reports are available via SocketLabs

The Developers tab gives access to all identifiers and parameters for sending, monitoring and managing emails.

The Email Marketing Center tab is divided into three sections:

  • List management, to manage different lists and recipients SocketLabs also allows the creation of custom forms
  • Content creation, this is where emails are generated. It is possible to use the tool in drag and drop. Then it’s time to set up campaigns, schedule correspondence, and so on.
  • Reports: This tab is especially useful for understanding recipient engagement

Finally, the Configuration tab allows you to modify and manage important dispatch and authentication functions such as DKIM settings, server settings, domains, etc.

Discount for lifetime access to SocketLabs via Appsumo

Featured on Appsumo, SocketLabs is offered at several attractive lifetime rates. At $69 instead of 300, the single offer allows you to send 25,000 emails per month, to take advantage of an unlimited number of contacts and take advantage of a secure, whitelisted IP address. Offered at $138 instead of $600, the dual format offers the same functionality and lets you send 50,000 emails per month. Finally, multi-viewing at $207 instead of 900 allows you to send 75,000 emails per month, and take advantage of the StreamScore Detail Report functionality.

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