Reech unveils his influencer marketing podcast

Marketing effect. In the field of influencers, there are four main players. There are content creators, social networks, specialized agencies, and advertisers. Everyone has a specific role to play that we understand fairly well, because some express themselves more than others. Brands, for example, are too few to share their views on influencer marketing strategies that are implemented internally. What do they think of this lever? What are her interests in passing through influencers? Does their budget increase from year to year?

To answer all of these questions, Reech decided to launch a podcast series called “Voices of Influence”. The show is hosted by Julie Levi Marks, Reech’s Commercial Director. “We will give the microphone to those who make and build this profession and discover the secrets of the influence managers of the biggest brands,” is specified in the humor that you can find here.

Reech’s podcast on influencer marketing

In addition to giving their perspective on the evolution of influence, the marketing managers who will succeed each other at the Julie Levi Marks microphone will also talk about their career path. “They tell you about their journey and give you their secrets about influencer marketing,” the press release reads. By going to meet experts on influence within brands, Reech hopes to stand out from the podcasts that already exist in the sector.

“The idea for this podcast was born out of Reech’s desire to change minds based on influence and disseminate good practices. Voices of Influence is an extension of our position: expert, but above all educator and mentor in the influence market since 2015. At the same time, flexibility and market adaptability are embedded in Reech’s DNA is our driving force. So it seemed logical and necessary that we adapt our pedagogical origins in influencing brands in a format that is popular today: the podcast,” Guillaume Duque Thunnon, CEO and Co-Founder of Reech.

To discover the first guests, we will have to wait a few more days. The first episode will be online on September 15th. Then, it is a show every Thursday that will be published. A total of six podcasts have already been recorded.

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