How to create an effective and effective email?

Corporate digital transformation is an increasing process in the digital age. Implementing an effective digital strategy requires the use of many marketing tools such as email.

It is a very practical web-based tool that converts and retains customers. However, the success of an email campaign is not a foregone conclusion, as there are many mistakes to avoid.

To support you in this exercise, in this article we examine the steps to follow to deploy a successful email strategy.

Define marketing goals

As with any marketing strategy, setting goals to achieve is a priority. Before you begin writing the content of your email, start thinking about the purpose of your business.

  • Is it to retain acquired clients?
  • What do you expect at the end of the campaign?
  • Why start an email?

All of these issues must be analyzed before you can send your emails. However, you must be specific in formulating your goals.

Your campaign can aim to:

  • To introduce a new brand product or service;
  • to report by means of an announcement;
  • to launch a promotional campaign;
  • to retain or anticipate.

On the basis of objectives, you will target your audience, and define the content of the speech or message in terms of substance and form. You can understand the importance of this step in crafting your email campaign.

Adapting the message to its audience or target

Targeting strategy is the second step in your email campaign. To write a good letter, it is necessary to control the expectations, behavior, fears, and even the attention centers of its audience.

Knowing the audience also makes it possible to make this interaction more productive via email. It should be noted that the methods will be different depending on whether you are communicating with target A or target B.

Concretely, if it is a possibility, the message will be directed towards conversion. However, if it is a customer, the message will be more loyalty oriented. For the new customer, it will be necessary to adopt a different communication approach than that used by the convinced consumer.

Address email subject and text

The third key moment in creating an email campaign consists of Writing a quality message. The text or subject should be attractive enough to prompt recipients to read or browse through your message.

You should think carefully about the subject and content of your email in order to improve the open rate

It must convince the recipient enough. It should be noted that the subject is the first thing that a customer or potential customer sees in their email.


So it is necessary to make it very attractive so that it can make people want to open the message.

There is no standard method for this, but the object and the text should always be flattering and attractive at first sight. In addition, also take care of your email pre-address to encourage you to read. The pre-title is a preview of the content of your message. It usually consists of 30 to 35 characters.

Create an HTML message, program and optimize the sending parameters

The message is generated using the HTML/CSS programming language for reasons of efficiency and compatibility. You will use certain tools to create an HTML message that has a responsive design, meaning that it can be read on mobile devices.

Because More than 40% of searches are done on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.), search engines require responsive design content that can be read on any medium.

HTML is programmed using specialized software, often the work of webmasters or web designers.

In regards to creating your email message, you can use some free software or creation tools for beginners like Sendinblue, Mailjet, GetResponse, eTarget and Newsletter2Go.

These applications offer many features and will allow you to create beautiful and quality emails with just a few gestures. You don’t have to be a professional to use these tools. However, the key elements in building a strong email are:

  • Company logo ;
  • calls to action (CTA);
  • Links to social accounts (Tweeter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.), blogs or websites.

Share buttons will give potential customers or clients the opportunity to easily broadcast your message on social networks. Having said that, we must not forget to add these share buttons and the ones that give readers the opportunity to become followers.

Once the message is generated, the day and date of sending must be programmed. In addition, you must configure the list of recipient addresses.

Measure and analyze the results of an email campaign

For both monitoring and performance reasons, it is important to analyze and measure the impact of your email campaign. This is the last step in this web marketing effort.

Email Marketing

Analyzing the results allows to get all the statistics for the campaign. From the conversion rate to the number of clicks, including the number of interactions, the operating system used, and more, you will have all the details of your email action.

Additionally, analysis of your campaign data can also identify weaknesses in your email strategy.

A low open rate may mean that the subject of your post is not attractive enough.

On the other hand, if the open rate is high and the number of clicks on your social accounts or blog is minimal, there may be a problem with placing links or action buttons. Your campaign performance analysis tools are essential to achieving your specific marketing goals.

After auditing your emails, it is essential to incorporate corrective actions for the success of future campaigns. While you remain original, make sure your method is not far from the practices of your work environment.

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