How influencers with affiliate links can monetize their content during the holiday season

Social media. On Wednesday, November 2, in the Orangerie space at the Hoxton Hotel in the heart of Paris, the LTK app gave a rendezvous to twenty well-rounded influencers. These French designers have been carefully selected. They’re called June-Five, Théo et Rémy, or even Lodoesmakeup and they all have their own personality. They are evolving in the fashion and beauty sector and enjoy highlighting the decorations they buy here and there. Their profiles are interesting for the American platform that specializes in affiliate links.

LTK, formerly called RewardStyle and Liketoknowit, was imagined in 2011 by Amber Venz Box, an American influencer. At the time, she was looking for a way to monetize her blog when she shared her clothes. The principle is centered entirely on belonging. Influencers get a commission once users go through their link and make a purchase. More than 10 years after its launch, the platform arrives in France and intends to establish itself as an essential tool to help content creators monetize their work on social networks.

The right strategy to adopt with affiliate links

So, on November 2, a bunch of them were invited to breakfast. The goal of Jade Amri, Director of Creative Partnerships in France, was to introduce the application and the benefits you can derive from it. “I will explain how to generate more income on social networks via LTK,” she specifies at the outset. His presentation begins with the main dates to consider: a day, Internet week, or even end-of-year celebrations. All of these meetings are an opportunity for the influencers in the room to multiply the presence of affiliate links in their content. “There are a lot of people who, during these periods, are looking to buy through promotions,” Jade Amri says.

Many products can be distinguished, but depending on the time period, some work more than others. According to an analysis by the app’s marketing team, makeup products with glitter, jackets or couches were among the best-selling products last year. why? Because during the holidays we want to shine a thousand light and a little before that we try to give gifts of a certain value using the discounts found on social networks. “When you place links, think about what buyers want.”

For these content creators, the strategy doesn’t stop there. On LTK, commissions earned from in-app sales vary from brand to brand. For example, NYX offers a commission of 10.5% while that of YSL Beauty is 14%. “When we share connections, the idea is to think about which connections are the most exciting to you,” says Jade Amri. So the creators have to think about the site where the product is being sold and put a link pointing to the link where the commission is higher. This way, they can expect to receive more compensation if some subscribers purchase through their links.

Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and affiliate links

In addition to thinking about which link to highlight, content creators also need to know where to put them on social networks. Jade Amri took several examples from the influencers in the room to share her best tips. For example on Instagram, the duo Théo and Rémy are the good students. They made headline stories with affiliate links for products they carry. This way, users can find them more easily for weeks. For their part, the influential duo has the opportunity to sell over a longer period. The Director of Creative Partnerships in France also suggests “Create the reels, because the content works really well today. Then re-share them in stories using LTK links.”

For the YouTube segment, Jade Amri estimates that posting between 1 and 2 videos per week is a good pace. Affiliate links appear in the description pane. On the TikTok side, you should be looking at Doris Blanc’s pin. The creator has put a link in her bio for various social networks and her LTK store. This way, subscribers can easily find where to buy the products you use. Another tip from the app: “The shortest TikTok gets the most sales: between 21 and 34 seconds.”

Year after year, trends change. In 2022, the LTK team notes increased research and expectations around highlighting small businesses or eco-friendly products.

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