Search intent and MUM . algorithm

Getting the required answers when doing a Google search is everyone’s dream. It is cumbersome and sometimes annoying to search several times through suggested answers before finding the desired answer. In order to solve its problems and satisfy all its Internet users, Google is developing and perfecting search engines, like modern search engines TheMDA, and algorithms. Of these, he has developed one that challenges all others: the MUM algorithm. So what are the capabilities of the MUM algorithm?

What is the MUM algorithm?

L ‘MUM . algorithm It was developed by Google and should succeed the BERT algorithm. Note that it has not yet been published for your service. According to Google, it is 1,000 times more efficient than BERT. Remember that BERT is the algorithm that Google is currently using. Examine Google’s current ability to answer your queries, while MUM is said to be 1,000 times better. So it is possible to imagine the genius of MUM.

Literally, MUM stands for Unifield Multitasking Model and in the French Uniform Model of Multitasking. It perfectly decodes human language and provides Internet users with more accurate and faster answers. No matter how complex the queries are, this algorithm is able to serve you in no time. It makes your experience with Google fun and enjoyable.

MUM has the ability to respond with amazing accuracy for your device search intentions. You are in front of a drive that you have never imagined before. Its speed and predictability in the searches you perform make it the most powerful algorithm in Google.

MUM . peculiarities

MUM was created by following three principles:


MUM analyzes, processes and extracts information according to several content formats. It analyzes texts, images, videos, and audios. It works well with all of its formats. As a result, it understands and analyzes your searches with amazing speed through all its content. However, before any of this becomes possible, it must be installed on the Google Lens app. Thus, Google Lens will become Google MUM. The lens is also good at image search.

MUM is more efficient and can pair an image with an audio note for searching. It’s obviously impossible for Lens and other Google search engines. To perform such a search, the image and the audio note are one order.

For example, I decided to search with a computer image. As a voice note you put: “Where can I find a file web agency Effective in France? To address such a request, MUM analyzes and understands the image and associates it with your voice to give you a consistent and accurate response.


It handles your inquiries in several languages. The peculiarity is that you can ask the question in French and get answers in other languages. It diversifies your horizons by showing you other, more relevant answers that exist in other languages. It is noticed that with the old search engines of Google, you do not have this possibility. For others, answers appear only in the language in which the questions are asked.

There are certainly other answers that are more relevant and more sophisticated than the ones you ask in French for example. Thus, in order not to miss any information, MUM analyzes your application in all languages ​​for more information. It offers you suitable results in different languages ​​to satisfy your curiosity. This college is a good way SEO Which contributes to the emergence of many sites.


The third principle is multitasking. It is clear that MUM runs several tasks simultaneously to provide answers in record time. It takes into account many parameters in order to display an acceptable answer. This is the language, your location and the format of your application. When that is not acceptable to you, it is only natural to try other combinations of words for your query to find the perfect one.

However, such college is already possible with BERT, but MUM brings a little innovation. Thus, MUM is able to avoid all this torment for just one request that you ask. Then it accommodates several tasks simultaneously to give you a reliable answer.

To do this, it tries to understand your question in a general and specific way. After that, it performs advanced searches using all these resources. Finally, it results in a complete, safe and satisfactory answer.

What do you do to get a good ranking with MUM?

For SEO for your website with MUM, you should primarily distribute relevant content. It’s the first thing to do. You already know what to do to get the right content. Then you have to spray your semantic domain content.

Since MUM provides expert answers to internet users, the sloppy content is bound to be among the last pages. It is also important to maximize the impact of your photos and videos.

To do this, start by inserting photos and videos, then reduce their size. Don’t forget to comment on your photos and videos. To get a good ranking, it is important to make your website suitable for voice search. With MUM, these types of searches will be frequent, so consider optimizing your site for these types of searches.

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