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At the heart of any B2B strategy, commercial prospecting is essential to achieve your goals and grow your business. It is accompanied by several techniques including cold emailing. As a reminder, it’s the act of sending a message to someone you haven’t interacted with in the past (hence the term “cold”).

Although this method is very effective in generating new leads, it is often associated with spam. In order not to be permanently grilled by a contact, it is important to take care of the message addressed to them. To help you with this task, several websites include cold email templates, e.g. B. Better Outreach.

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Customizable templates

Better Outreach is a collaborative platform. Marketers and communicators share their emails sent there. in English to their contacts to break the ice. On the website, the creators of the tool have selected those that have proven to be the most effective, especially in terms of lead generation.

Figure better range

Everyone can contribute! Figure: Better range.

Figure better range

Several types of examples are given. Figure: Better range.

There are several ways to find the ideal template. The first, which is probably the easiest, is to type a keyword into the search bar, e.g. B.Podcast. It is also possible to filter according to specific sectors, such as e-commerce. The mockups are also divided into different categories: demo/free trial offer, commercial pitch, follow-up, meeting request, etc.

For each result, we learn who designed the model and what company the contributor works for. An object idea is given in each case: “Hello [first name], I have a question about your Slack integrations” or “Do you have any feedback for us?”. Of course, Better Outreach shares the entire email. You can then copy it to reuse it, but also modify it to your liking. To do this, simply click the “Copy” button. You just need to replace the fields like company name or first name before sending.

With its platform, Better Outreach aims to help professionals improve the impact of their email campaigns without spending hours or days on it.

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