▷ How do you find a new business owner in the online marketing sector?

Do you read customer reviews before booking a hotel? Are you looking for a product before you buy it? You might compare all kinds of products and services and then decide which one is better. What if you adopted this new word of mouth to find your next employer?

Employer Reputation Management

Reputation management is an important strategy for companies because they know that what people write about them online can be a deciding factor. This also applies to job seekers. Before the internet, it wasn’t easy for employees to express their opinions about the company. Today, in an increasingly virtual world, the opinions of customers and employees carry an enormous weight! This is why boosting a positive online reputation should be a daily priority.

Strong employer branding is already a major focus area for companies. A study by Glassdoor stresses the importance of online reputation management for employers:

  • 75% of recruiters say it is easier to attract talent when they know the company, especially the name and the products and services offered;
  • 84% of job seekers say reputation andbusiness review as a preferred employer;
  • 83% of them are more likely to look up company reviews when they decide to apply for a job.

Thus, employer reviews and employee review sites are an invaluable resource for job seekers.

An invaluable resource for job seekers

Gone are the days when you only heard a message from one of the employers themselves as part of employee performance reviews. Employers no longer have a monopoly on information about work-life balance or employee engagement. If you’re looking for a job and are wondering what it’s like to work for a potential company, be sure to check out the platforms where employees leave workplace reviews.

GoWork.fr, for example, offers the exchange of experiences and opinions about companies. the different Reviews from famous companies In the online marketing sector in particular, it will allow you to better understand their vision, work and other powerful characteristics that will help you make your choice better.

Compared to other platforms, GoWork offers a very simple and transparent process for adding comments. It can be submitted anonymously as long as users follow the site’s terms and conditions, which is a great advantage if you’re unhappy with your employer but are worried about the consequences of saying so to your face. You also have the option to follow reviews of popular companies


For companies, brand reputation management for high-ranking employers not only brings in more candidates matching your description, but also reduces the average cost of hiring.

Whether you are a business owner, employee or job seeker, online reputation management is no longer an approach that you should ignore.

The article was written in collaboration with GoWork

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